Advance Bookings Available For Upcoming Anthony Hamilton Tour

Anthony Hamilton tour

Music has the ability to inspire and heal. In this saddened world of war and conspiracies, the only true refuge for the mind that remains to be is music from the soul. This is the reason who soul singers are still able to attract the enthusiasm of a loyal fan base spread across the country. However, soul music is such a special field that a musician must be totally honest with his own emotions before wooing the audience. It is indeed a tumultuous task in a cut throat competitive world where people would go to any extreme to sabotage the career of a promising talent. Only sheer grit and determined display of talent, show after show, can ultimately ensure that a musician can survive.

Compensating with Music

Aspiring talents should seek the example of Anthony Hamilton. The Grammy award winning soul singer has had one Platinum and two Gold selling albums to his credit. To date, the musician from Charlotte, North Carolina has released Seven Albums, several singles, collaboration music, and is currently on a spree of tours. Such dedication is truly remarkable, especially in the year when the Soul music world just lost a legend such as George Michael.

This huge void beckons the creation of more magnificent music as a tribute to the late artist. For an entertainer like Anthony Hamilton, who has the credits of singing the OST at the acclaimed Western flick, Django Unchained, it is an opportunity to help the world live despite the grave losses. Probably acting by a strange presupposition, the singer did pick up 2016 to be the year of LIVE concerts. Taking the audience back to the days of the Voodoo World Tour of 2000, the modern LIVE Concerts pack in all the experiences and insights the singer has been privy to in the last 16 years.

A Great Year

This year, Anthony Cornelius Hamilton successfully did over 50 shows, and upcoming dates are already available for full advance booking. His typical shows offer a fantastic display of vibrant energy and raw attraction, which is why it is uniformly popular among grown up audiences and teenagers alike. Using an array of fantastic costumes improvisations, careful song selection according to the mood of the evening, and by making the shows interactive, the musician has the unique ability to connect instantly with the audience. A real listener of authentic R&B should definitely look up Anthony Hamilton Concert Dates before the tickets are all sold out. Once they are gone, it is impossible to regain them because of the great popularity of a Hamilton concert.

His choice of music for the evening set list is often surprising, as the musician has the habit of presenting at least one original track from his huge lyrical repository, especially for the venue. Things like this set an artist apart from others, and that is called real originality. An Anthony Hamilton tour is one of those special occasions that can transpire a true fan to the other world by the passage of music. You should be lucky to find out if the ‘Freedom’ singer would present the song ‘Amen’, the sole creative release from the great artist this year. It has been a tumultuous year musically with legends such as David Bowie and Leonard Cohen passing over, and Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Honor.