Being A Foodie Is No Sin!

Who doesn’t like food? You bet that there is absolutely no one on the face of earth who does not have even one likable edible item. While the types, ingredients, tastes, aromas, textures, feel and look of food varies diversely from one place on the globe to another, there is something which is common and one can’t get enough of! Yes, you guessed it right. Good food is just in abundance. All one has to do is find a joint where one can satisfy their so long dying urge of introducing something gourmet to the taste buds.

According to food enthusiast and die hard ‘MasterChef’ fan Robert F. Burke, fascination over food is not something which is new among the humans. It has always been there. Even the early men hunted their prey based on the taste of food they wanted or else they could have very well stuck with grass and fruits to which access has been forever easier. Therefore, though many people hold the concept that being a foodie is the first step to being being diseased, this is an utter misconception which should shed off at once.

In fact, there are ancient texts which state that food was a human’s gift from the heavens. And indeed it is so. One has to just take a bite of good food and the very word ‘heavenly bliss’ comes to mind. It is quite often seen that people who do not consider themselves as a foodie turns out to be major ones once they have had the taste of a particular dish which made its mark on their taste buds. In all its essence, every human being is a foodie more or less.

For some it comes out early in one’s life and for the less lucky individuals it strikes them much later that they belong to the same club as their foodie friends. This is for the reason that no two individual’s choices are the same when it comes to food. And therefore in order to find one’s preferred food, one must be brave enough to try the varied cuisines out there. While for some less spicier Chinese cuisine is well suited, but for others a Mexican red hot dish might be the one of preference.

So in every sense of the word, every foodie is an explorer just like Robert F. Burke. And being said that, it is in no sense less than any other exploration in life. A true gourmet is never afraid to try the new and the unexpected and it is from this endeavor that one can find that ‘unforgettable’ taste in one’s mouth.

A gourmet is a gifted individual with a passion for good food and whose gustatory sense has explored more than many other individuals and hence also have been enhanced with each practice and each endeavor. Therefore, indeed, good food can be called the key to a happy life when it is consumed wisely and according to one’s preferences.

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