An Introduction to Computer Networking System

Along with a vital functionally and consistency, the performance of a network verifies its overall efficiency. The speed of a home network involves the mixture of interrelated and organize factors. New extender setup is the best way to create and maintain a networking system at home or workplace.

If you are too new to computer networking, here’s the basic introduction tutorial to make you well-versed in the field. Read on.

How Can You Describe Network Speed?

Generally, every user wants their network and devices to run fast without buffering in all circumstances. But in most cases, a network may ditch at the last moment and leave a negative impact on users’ work. Moreover, Internet breakage and network delay even result in server slowdown in typical scenarios which are very significant for network speed that includes:

  • Time to create a new connection.
  • Loading of a web page.
  • Working off a system patch, files or downloading of an application.
  • A capability of streaming videos, downloading heavy stuff from the Internet without any issues.

Role of Bandwidth in a Better Network Performance

Bandwidth is the most important aspect to find out the speed of a computer networking system. Practically, every human being knows the fact that bandwidth ratings of their router network and particularly their Internet services, rating numbers are significantly featured by advertisements of products and services. The bandwidth of a computer networking device refers to the data rate supported by a network interface or connection as it represents the capacity and capability of the available connection that will result more likely in better performance. In the same manner, is a website that makes it easier for users to set up a new extender or fix issues with existing one.

Measuring of Network Bandwidth

Bandwidth is actually an amount of data that passes throughout the network connection and their time is measured in BPS i.e. bits per seconds. An abundant of tools exist for administrators in order to measure the bandwidth of entire and available network connection. You might be aware of Local Area Networks (LANs); these are the most beneficial tools that consist of ttcp and netperf. On the social networking sites, several speed test programs and bandwidth are mostly available for free online use.

More About Broadband Speed

Usually, the term bandwidth is used for faster broadband Internet connection from a traditional dial-up and network speed. The high versus low bandwidth differ from each other and have been revised over the decades and improved with the latest networking technology. Only a few people know the fact that U.S Federal Communication Commission (FCC) updated their meaning of broadband in 2015 to those connections which are rated 3Mbps for uploads and at least 25 Mbps for downloads. Bandwidth is not only the reason that contributes its key role to speed and better performance of Internet connectivity but also a lesser-known element of a better network performance is new extender setup.

After the long wait of time, Netgear has successfully known to be the best brand that spreads its range from doorstep to backyard of your house. If you only have a router to spread its range everywhere to your bigger house, we would say that it is completely impossible because router itself is not only enough to complete the task. In that case, you would need a range extender to enjoy the high speed of Internet which follows each and every step of yours wherever you go.

What you have to do is buy a range extender and connect it to your existing router with the help of an Ethernet cable. Plug both of your devices into an electric wall socket and wait for the power LEDs on both devices turn their color to solid green. After that, you may need a smart device that would help you complete the task of Netgear extender setup successfully without any barrier.

After having your smart device with you, what you have to do is to open a web browser and type mywifiext into the field of the address bar. You have to enter default credentials in the required fields for security reason.

Your extender also comes with a feature that gives you a safe, secure and reliable network along with the unbeatable and long-lasting speed of the Internet.