Tips For Speeding Up a Slow Internet Connection

In this article, will teach you how to speed up a slow internet connection with some appropriate and valuable tips. Well, as we all know that a router alone is not enough to boost up a slow internet connection. And that is why we recommend our users to switch to a range extender to double the range of existing WiFi range. For NETGEAR Extender Setup, you would acquire a:

  • An updated firmware of router to connect with the range extender.
  • The latest technology of modem to configure with the router.
  • A computer that is clear from browsing history and malicious files. Connect it with your range extender.
  • When you see blinking green lights on your range extender, pull up a web browser of your choice and the URL bar either type or NETGEAR Default IP address that looks something like
  • To go into the home page of NETGEAR Genie Smart Setup, enter default details of login credentials to the required fields of the displayed page.

If you don’t have the default details or face error issues while login, don’t hesitate and call the tech support team on toll-free number 1-888-927-4505.

Now, it’s time for discussing some valuable tips in front of you so that you can boost up your slow WiFi system.

1. Upgrade your Internet Items

Routers, modems, computers, smartphones, tablets, etc all need to be updated periodically. Remember, failing to do so can result in a drop, sluggish, and slow internet speed. Be certain that you update all your WiFi networking devices timely. Do not avoid updates, as it causes a big disaster in mywifiext login and setup.

2. Decrease the Number of Running Services

The main reasons behind slow and sluggish internet speed are those applications that are running silently behind your home screen (background). It also consumes loads of bandwidth and affects your internet range. To fix this issue, we would like to suggest ‘for optimal speed’ focus on one program at a time. Turn off or put to sleep the slow internet causing applications when not in use. Applying this one simple step may increase your internet speed by 10%.

3. Disable Other Connected Items

Closing heavy programs on your computer help you in login, improving the performance of the browser and increasing the internet speed. Shutting down public WiFi and other internet devices in your home may be one of the biggest solutions to your slow internet problem.

Interference of third-party devices also causes poor internet range. So, to get rid of such issues, consider placing your router and the modem out of the reach of kitchen metal and electronic materials.

4. Scan your Computer for Viruses

Viruses in your computer can harm your device, slows down your internet range, affect your security you put to keep your network and WiFi devices away from unauthorized source etc. Well, in today’s modern era, nothing is impossible. We do have the solution to make you rid of such brainteaser situation. Install antivirus software to scan and repair your computer and networking devices.

Note: Viruses will never let you complete the process of NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender Setup and login to

5. Change your Router Channel Number

Various modern routers include two bands:

  • A 2.4GHz band that is used for wireless communication.
  • 5GHz that accommodates faster and easier downloads.

If you own a router that has a 5GHz band, then it is a lot worth giving that will prevent interference from other internet connected or neighboring WiFi devices. Though 5GHz have less range as compared to the 2.4GHz band, this will require to keep your networking devices within the range of router (10-15feet).

Hope we gave you an appropriate solution related to New Extender Setup, troubleshooting, and slow internet connection. If there are still left, then feel free to contact our technicians any time. We are eagerly waiting to help you.