Important Questions To Ask To Your VoIP Service Provider

In the recent past, a consistent growth has been observed in the trends of exploring and realizing the capabilities associated with the modern communication systems based on the technology of Voice over Internet Protocol. Zooming over the area of telephone systems we may find that businesses are showing more interests in adopting their cloud versions.

This in turn has also increased the demands of the relevant service providers in the market. However, we do not need to worry about that at all. In fact, nowadays the number of VoIP service providers is over-exceeding its actual demands, ultimately creating a highly confused state for the businesses wishing to adopt them.

So, how to go ahead selecting an efficient VoIP service provider among such a wide range of available option? Confused? Determining an efficient VoIP service provider may include many factors but here we are striving to make it a bit simpler for you. All you need to do is ask the following set of questions (mentioned below) to your service provider.

Technology, Innovation and Service are the three basic platforms that you must consider while selecting your VoIP service provider. Thus, the questions you ask must be majorly in terms of these three platforms. Check them out:


It is quite obvious that if anybody is looking forward to switch over to the VoIP based solutions of telephone systems, then they must not be happy or satisfied with his/her earlier or conventional systems, and thus wants to switch over to a better technology.

Make sure the service provider you are approaching to, has the required capability to work with the latest available technology.  Check whether they have all the sophisticated resources, infrastructures, machinery, equipment and tools. The hardware and software used by them are sufficiently flexible and secure.

Especially the software they offer plays a vital role that can make huge differences, thus make sure the service provider is able to provide you the entire details of the software they offer, its history, effectiveness, etc. Do not ignore, if any information seems to be hazy. However, one can also opt for choosing the ones who rent Softswitch from external vendors. Some primary questions to ask about the technology platform are as follows:

  • What options do you have in terms of offering equipment meant for dynamic network redundancy? How efficient are they?
  • How versatile is the infrastructure of the network provided by you?
  • What about the Software you provide? Where does it originate from?
  • Is all the software or technology reinforced by you or any third party?
  • How strong are your recovery options? Both in case of natural or unnatural accidents or disaster?


Telephone systems based on cloud technologies are best known for remaining evergreen.  There is hardly any or no discrimination between old and new customers. Both can avail the same features. Due to this, it is always advised that people must remain informed of all the features of past, present as well as the coming future. Such information will keep them aware of, what kind of features do the service providers in the market generally offer.

One may also focus on analyzing the skills of the service provider, with regards to predicting the future trends of the market. Ask them questions related to the types of measures they follow or adopt in order to be on the constant verge of innovation.

  • What kind of procedures and specifications do you prefer in order to grow in the future?
  • What is the strength of your technical team? What are the major categorizations of the departments (with respect to technology & services) in your organization?
  • If I would like to know about the financial status of your organization, would you agree on doing that?
  • How stabilized is your organization and how far can you continue offering us the relevant and unhampered support services?
  • What new or unique plan (in terms of products and services) does your organization has for the upcoming years?


Remember a good VoIP service provider will always deliver the most of its service and continue doing that unless it satisfies the need of the customer. Some service providers have exceptionally good services to offer and hence can be definitely noticed in terms of that quality. Such things are mostly possible to analyze during the times of practical implementation of the VoIP services.

Any good VoIP provider will never offer one time solutions (that might initially seem quite glittering) rather they will have efficient policies of helping the customer, whenever he/she needs them. They will try their level best to deliver a seamless experience of using VoIP services. 24×7 customer support, fast feedback, swift troubleshooting of problems, expert advice, refined practices, are some of the common things one should always ask for:

  • What type of contract do I need to sign and details of its tenure?
  • I would like to get a clear map of the payment options. Will I need to do the payment on monthly or annual basis? Is there any extra payment that I will require to make in the future?
  • Why should I buy a new IP-Phone? Or can I continue with my existing equipment?
  • How efficient and flexible are your support services? Can I get them right at my doorsteps?
  • Can you provide us your past case studies and testimonials from your existing or past clients?
  • What levels of norms and regulations do you follow in order to maintain the transparency of your services and performances?
  • Can you provide me with your SLA (if you have it)?
  • How conscious are you in informing your customers about any new implementation in your existing services? By what ways do you inform them and confirm their awareness?

Therefore, next time when you go ahead selecting a good VoIP service provider for your business, make sure that you get the convincing answers to all the above mentioned questions.

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