Benefit Your Business With The Use Of CNC Plasma Table

For those who do not know, the CNC plasma table is the type of cutting table used to cut different metallic elements using plasma torch. CNC actually refers to Computer Numerical Control in which computer controls the operation of metallic devices, the plasma cutter in this case. In the recent years, for cutting metallic sheets, flame cutters were used which use to hinder the shape and structure of the cutting equipment. Computer controlled cutters are composed of various benefits.


The type of CNC plasma table also varies. It is available in both types i.e. handheld and mechanized. The application and features of both the types greatly vary and are highly dependent upon the type of cutting sheet. As the name describes, the speed and gear factor are numerically controlled through computer software. In other words, the cutting table is connected to the computing device and accordingly it is operated.

5 Essential Things To Know While You Choose CNC Plasma Table

The modern industries are discarding the traditional machinery and tools for cutting. The advanced CNC plasma table cutter is highly demandable, as it is both cost-effective and efficient cutting device. Look at the below points and keep them in mind while choosing such systems.

  • Size of the sheet: The average size of the material should be analyzed in order to choose the appropriate cutting system. These are available in various sizes and investing in an inappropriate size does not sound like a wise decision. The device, which you are choosing should suitably accommodate your industrial needs.
  • A width of the system: When you are investing on any CNC plasma table, apart from the sheet size, it is equally important to go through the width of the system, as well. Know your current fabrication needs and determine the future consequences. Make sure, the system, which you bought today does not prove obsolete in the future period.
  • Go through designing software: There is specialized CAD software that has inbuilt cutting designs. The moment you fix the particular design, it prepares the table to cut the sheets in a particular design automatically. Even there are options for customized designs that are totally dependent on the user. Feed your design as an input and you can obtain the particular cut as an output.
  • Accuracy and precision needed in the cut: The component of the CNC plasma table greatly varies. These components greatly affect the accuracy and precision factor. In order to obtain high-quality cut, the motion of the cutting table should be smooth and frictionless.
  • Fabrication quality: The quality of the cutting system should be noted. The type of the cutting material is the biggest determiner of its price. Choose high quality, cost-effective, durable, and efficient tool for your business needs.

How CNC Plasma Table Enhance The Safety Of Your Workshop?

The place where the major fabrication work takes place is usually filled with danger. The spread of different cutting tools throughout the place might prove risky for any newcomer or even the people working there. The best part of the CNC plasma table is that the risks related to any unseen situation caused due to this equipment are minimized to a great extent. In other words, the flame based cutting materials surely cause burns and injuries.

The entire fabrication job is associated with great risks and requires great care and attention. The flame based tools were quite risky, as it suddenly caused arc flashes, which used to take the life of several people working around. The computer controlled plasma cutting systems are free from any type of fire accidents. In other words, overall safety has been enhanced with CNC plasma cutting tools.