A Blend Of Tasty Chocolates and Healthy Ingredients

The evolution of chocolate and its uses has been an interesting subject to many people, probably just short of being as interesting as the evolution of mankind. Some people swear by it to help through their good and bad times, whole some people love treating themselves with that occasional chocolate bar or pastry. The good news is there are so many new varieties of chocolate bars, and interesting ways to use chocolates, that one would never tire of them any time soon. Moreover, when they are combined with healthy options such as fruits and dry fruits, then they not only become tastier, but also healthier.

If you have decided to send chocolates by post in the next festive season, then here are some of the top fruits that can be used together with chocolates, or chocolate syrups, or chocolate chips to make your dish a healthy and tasty one at the same time:

  • Apples – It’s hard to think of apples together with chocolate, isn’t it? But you could make yourself a plate of sliced apples and pour some chocolate syrup or sprinkle some choco chips over them. To make things more interesting, add a few grapes or few slices of kiwi to add a little tangy flavour to the dish that would otherwise be heavy on the sweeter side.

  • Bananas – It’s time to go bananas over these yellow powerhouses of potassium and energy! Bananas are available throughout the year and have a pleasant, sweet taste. They don’t cost the earth and moon and can be enjoyed in a number of ways. Include a couple of bananas, sliced, in your fruit plate, have a couple of them as snack before your workout, or make a banana milkshake with a few drops of chocolate syrup or vanilla flavour to keep it delicious and healthy. Bananas are great sources of instant energy without piling on too much fat and calories.
  • Berries – Blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, blueberries – there are so many types of berries that are added to chocolate bars, especially dark chocolate, to give them a touch of fruity sweetness to break the delicious but slightly bitter monotony of chocolate. Send chocolates that are flavoured with berried and dry fruits, or just these berries as gifts, and you will surely be making the right choice always. Plus, you’ll be sending a whole dose of vitamin and antioxidants hidden in the chocolate too!

  • Kiwifruit – Don’t judge this fruit by its fuzzy exterior! This has always been a great source of nutrients and taste to New Zealanders, where it is primarily grown, but has acquired worldwide fame in a short span of time, thanks to its striking colour, large number of benefits, and slightly tangy and sweet flavour. After you’ve added all your fruits and berried to the fruit plate, make the plate even more decorative by adding a few slices of kiwifruit on top of them and then add your salad garnishing such as chocolate or maple syrups, honey, glazed nuts, etc.

As you can see, chocolate and its different variants can be used in a number of interesting yet mouth-watering manners for all occasions. Include them as daily snacks or gift someone a delicious treat via mail or by taking them out to a nearby café that serves these dishes, and make all your occasions memorable ones.