Aniracetam is a useful substance to enhance the behavior integration, cognitive property, and so on. It is known as a neuro-protective agent, which is used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and other types of disorders like senile cognitive disorder. The pharmacological nature of this compound is similar to that of the piracetam and hence Aniracetam is a piracetam analogue and has been studied in different types of disorders of behavior. However Aniracetam exerts better effects on the cases of anxiety and depressive diseases.

The nature of Aniracetam:-

Though Aniracetam is a piracetam analogue, there are some special characteristics of this compound. It acts as a positive modulator of the metabotropic glutamate receptor. It shows the nature to act as the alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazolepropionic AMPA excitatory receptors too. It is a lipophilic derivative of the parent molecule, piracetam. Hence it exerts many same results as that the parent molecule. It helps to increase the neurotransmission which is a common activity of Racetam group of compounds. This acts as a nootropic substance.

The effects of this compound:-

There have been many clinical trials carried on with this compound. These trials have exerted the following effects:

  • This compound is able to enhance the cognitive functions in diseased people.
  • It increases the levels of the neurotropic factor derived from brain cells.
  • It acts as an anti-anxiety substance and makes the people able to communicate well with the society.
  • It is also an anti-depressive compound.
  • It helps to lower the impulsive behavior of the person.
  • Overall it exerts the important neurotropic effect in the impaired individuals.

How to take the Aniracetam capsule?

There are three concentrations of the compound available in the market in the form of capsules. These are 500 mg, 750 mg, and 1500 mg. these capsules are available in two renowned and reliable online stores, from Amazon and eBay. However many people prefer to take this compound in the powder form because the pills and capsules are not so flexible like the powder form. Many people try to get the powder form from the capsule. They dismantle the capsulated form and take out the powders from the capsules.

Comparison of capsules and powder:-

The people prefer to take the powder form rather than that of the capsule form because the consumption of medicine through the powder is easier. The powder form is mixed with milk in proper quantity and is taken. Due to the fact that this compound is highly soluble in fat, the consumption of anitaceram powder with milk will cause the easy absorption into the body. However the people should know tat this nootropic substance should not be taken in empty stomach.

The side effects of Aniracetam:-

It is good news that this compound does not show any adverse effect on consumption. There is no increase in the production of liver enzymes which is a result of the hepatic metabolism of anitaceram. However it should be remembered that the human trials are limited and these trials do not prove the ultimate results. Hence the patient should take this nootropic substance following properly the instructions of the doctor.