How Automation Enhances Overall Economy and Job Opportunities?

Science and technology has advanced a lot, and today, you will find computers and robots everywhere, especially in the manufacturing sector. You will be amazed with how you can benefit from it and get all the tasks completed in shortest possible time. The machine vision technology is mostly used by many industrial and medical companies these days.

Automation fallacy

It is a myth that errors are inevitable while using automation and only a human can be apt for manufacturing jobs. Although humans are needed to on the process, monitor and shut it down, any automation is foolproof. These automations are created to make a safe working environment for the employees and cutting down on the accidents, which can ruin their careers.

Let’s understand how automation will enhance job opportunities and overall economy growth.

Saves, Earns, and re-invests

Automation allows a manufacturer to save cash and create jobs for professionals who design, assemble, and maintain automated equipment. The manufacturers will ultimately will be able to save money by automating their business process, and it also helps in improving quality and consistency of work. This creates more cash flow and enhances job opportunities in other sections of the business.

For example, a person manufacturing T-shirts invests in new equipment that takes half the employees to compete the same task. Therefore 40 people get laid off but other people get hired to operate the new machine. Let’s suppose 30 people are re-hired, which means net loss of 10 jobs.

Now, if the owner sells the T-shirts at the same price then he starts earning significantly. The owner can use the profit to re-invest in his own business or in someone else’s business or spend on personal luxuries or others. In any way, he roots in more production and more employment elsewhere.

Leverage of technology progress

Machines are being created and maintained by professionals, whose skills are valued highly. More candidates will select engineering and robotics, thus demand for skilled job opportunities will grow steadily. What is considered as unskilled jobs like routine maintenance or assembling the machines will need humans to perform. For two centuries machines and humans have worked side by side.

Evolution in technology has saved and restructured the effort. For example, stone chisel invention made cutting things easy and only few people were needed. However, it formed a totally new ground of probabilities for humans like how to use the saved energy and time. Robots are another phase and economy will persist to settle in and consequently flourish.

Stay competitive

Automation has proved to save business resources, so eventually the company will desire to invest, so as to survive in this competitive era. To stay on top within your niche, it is necessary to invest in latest technology like the machine vision systems.  This helps manufacturers to enhance product quality and leads to decrease in total production cost. Mechanization or computerization will create new kinds of job opportunities and enhance liquid revenue. It will pave a path for more development in future, which will be the groundwork of economies subsequently.

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