6 Things to Do in Chicago

Any trip through the Midwest United States is not complete unless you’ve visited Chicago. The Windy City boasts panoramic views, some of the best food in the USA and fine sporting events too. By learning what to do during warm or colder months you can better plan your trip.

Don’t let the temperature extremes dissuade you; cool off in Lake Michigan during warmer months or head inside the toasty United Center to watch a bull’s game during chilly winter months. For a list of warm weather activities visit here for Your Guide to Free Outdoor Chicago Attractions and Activities.

Check out these 6 things to do in Chicago:

Stroll on Navy Pier

The number one tourist attracting in the city of Chicago is lined with refreshment stands and souvenirs. The Pier is a free tourist site but you may wish to spend a few dollars buying some great food or perhaps a keepsake from your trip. Check out the free fireworks shows during the summer months.

Go to a Bull’s Game

Hoops fans can take in a Chicago Bull’s game anywhere from Mid November through the summer months. See where one of the game’s all time greats spent most of his career. Michael Jordan lit up the scoreboard for many years as a member of the Bulls. If pro basketball is not your thing consider watching a college game. Catching a DePaul game gives you a glimpse into the world of big time college athletics.

Go to the Beach at Lake Michigan

You can swim in Lake Michigan during the summer months to cool off from the oppressive heat. These free, scenic beaches are a favorite hangout for people in the Windy City. Soak up the sun, chill in the water or simply people watch to pass the time. Choose from multiple public beaches on Lake Michigan.

Scarf Down Deep Dish Pizza at Giordano’s

If you want real deep dish, Chicago-style pizza visit Giordano’s for your Italian cravings.  Enjoy the rich cheese, tasty sauce and think crust that Chicago is known for. You can visit multiple locations throughout Chicago so no matter where you are staying you’re within driving distance of a restaurant.

Visit Sears Tower

Visit one of the tallest buildings on earth by stopping by the Sears Tower in Chicago. Traveling to the top of the tower is a spiritual experience. Soak up a panoramic, one of a kind view of the Windy City. Bring a few quarters to use the telescope if you want to zero in on any particular sight. Get there early. Since the Sears Tower is one of the landmarks in Chicago, let alone the Midwest, you’ll be waiting on line for hours if you wait until the afternoon to arrive.

Go to a Cub’s Game

If you are visiting Chicago during the summer attend a Chicago Cub’s baseball game. The Cubs are one of the more storied baseball franchises. The authentic feel of the ballpark on a summer afternoon cannot be beat. Have a hot dog, nurse a beer or simply feast on the sights and sounds if you wish. Feel free to attend a Chicago White Sox game if you prefer the Cub’s American League rivals.

Whatever you do enjoy the ride!

Chicago affords you with a wealth of fun, fulfilling travel activities. Do your homework. Plan your trip. Enjoy the Windy City.

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