The Best Cheap Entertainment For College Students

College students have one of the most unique financial situations of anyone. They are often handling their own finances for the first time, creating massive debt in student loans, and looking to save money at every chance they get. At the same time, college students often spend a lot of money on entertainment because they want to experience life on their own to the fullest. This is a double-edged sword that many college students struggle with.

Even though entertainment is often thought of as very expensive, there are a lot of ways for college students to stay entertained without spending what little money they have. Any college student can use these ideas to get the experiences and entertainment that they want without going further into debt to do it. Some of these ideas are even good for people of any age to use when they want to save a little money. Here is some of the best cheap entertainment for college students.

Free Concerts

There are a lot of great local bands around college campuses that often play for free or for very low prices. College students can take advantage of these concerts to save money and find out about some new bands that they might really like. Some may even be college students from the same school.

Movie Night

Everyone loves movies. Movie nights can be a great way for college students to relax and unwind after a stressful week of school. College students can use with their roommates to get the best movies all the time.

Happy Hour

Happy hour for college students who are of age is a great way to save a lot of money on a night out. Most bars and restaurants will have a happy hour special that allows anyone to get drinks for half their normal price. Additionally, some places will even have special discounts for college students.

Head to the Park

The park might seem like a place for only small children, but there are a lot of great activities that people of all ages can have fun doing at a park. Playing games like basketball, football and volleyball are often popular things for college students to do on a nice day.

Try Out a School Event

Every college will have free events for their students. These events might not always be the most glamorous or interesting for college students, but there is usually an event for everyone throughout the year. College students can do something they like and even meet other people with similar interests at these events.

Attempt a New Recipe

Cooking and baking is a skill that everyone will need to know at some point in their lives. College students often do not have many skills in this area, and now is the perfect time to learn how to cook and bake some great foods. College students can try out a new recipe and have their friends over to help and taste their creations.