5 Top Photo Apps

Thanks to platforms like Instagram, taking and sharing pictures is expanding interest in photography. It seems everyone is taking the practice seriously.

There likely hasn’t been a single device released in the last five years that didn’t have the capacity to take pictures. And with each new generation, the technology has only gotten better.

To go along with it, we have access to an amazing range of friendly apps that can give images a professional touch without needing a lot of sophisticated tools and skill.

But which app is best for you? Well, that depends on your device, your camera and what you want to do with your pictures. Whatever your requirements though, there’s a top notch feature rich app that will produce high quality results.

Here are five of the best photo apps for getting the most out of your mobile camera.

Pocket Light Meter

Professional photogs wouldn’t go anywhere without a light meter. They use meters to create the best lighting conditions for their shots. Meters capture lighting conditions and displays settings for the shot.

Pocket Light Meter provides the option of a traditional light meter on a mobile device. A serious photographer knows how great this app’s potential to affect picture taking will be.

Adobe Photoshop Express

The premier image editing software customized for mobility. There are obviously fewer features but there are more than enough tools for brightening, sharpening, cropping, filtering and other cool effects that can be performed right on your device. And it’s free.


Mextures is a fantastic way to render your images on the iPhone and give them a unique look. Working with layers, the app comes with over 80 textures, and a range of effects and gradients.
Run your images through multiple effects and create a new, stunning and polished image. Layers can be edited and moved to constantly adjust the look.

PicLab HD

PicLab HD is a powerful image editing resource that even has a photo library to play with. You can use layers, design elements, lighting, film effects and more. There’s a hefty typography utility with tons of fonts that can be positioned, sized, rotated and colored.

Create the kinds of attractive and professionally processed images you see on the web all the time.

Photoaf Panorama

Capturing panoramic images can be a task when you’re not utilizing professional skill and equipment. Photoaf Panorama can do it on your device without any heavy lifting.

The app uses the camera’s built in sensors to create angles that can be easily aligned. The app even puts the images into one seamless photo, giving you the 360 degree shot. You can then scroll the image.

Let’s be clear that no phone, tablet, music player or other device is ever going to compete with top notch digital cameras. But the fact is these mobile devices are becoming more and more sophisticated and with a few simple apps, you can turn your images into amazing pictures that will come close.

Plus, the device is a lot easier to carry around.

Jason Kane is a professional blogger, amateur photographer, and amateur app developer. He recommends SOASTA for all load testing needs, for apps or websites.

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