Staple Dishes Of Malvani Cuisine

Malvani cuisine is the typical cuisine of the Konkan region of Goa and Maharashtra, as well as many areas of West Karnataka. The cuisine consists of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare, and many of the dishes are similar to those in Goan and Maharashtrian cuisines.

Malvan is situated on the Konkan coast; many of the cuisine’s staple dishes contain fish which is often cooked in a spicy, yet extremely tasty curry. The majority of Malvan masalas contain dried red chillies along with other spices including cumin, cardamom, coriander and peppercorns.

Coconut is a key ingredient in Malvani cooking. The majority of main dishes will either contain coconut paste or coconut milk, while grated, dry grated and fried coconut is added to flavour side dishes, mains and desserts.

Some of the staple dishes in Malvani cuisine include:


Solkadhi is a staple curry in Malvani cuisine. This is a simple dish made from coconut milk and kokum.  Solkadhi is usually eaten with rice and other fish or meat dishes, and it can also be drunk after a meal.

Mori Masala

Mori masala, or ‘shark curry,’ is an extremely popular dish along the Konkan coast. The shark meat closely resembles that of mutton; it is normally soft, meaty and packed full of flavour, making it the ideal addition to a curry sauce. To make the dish, the fish is cut up into chunks before being marinated in a green masala paste made from ginger, coriander leaves, turmeric, lemon juice, green chili and a number of other ingredients. It is then fried in a pan with coconut, oils and onions and when cooked, a garam masala paste is added and to the fish and it is brought to the boil before serving.

Kaju chi Usal

Kaju chi Usal is a spicy, vegetarian curry made with cashew nuts and coconuts. Cashews grow in abundance along the Konkan coast and are used in a variety of dishes, from laddoos to stir frys. Kaju chi Usal is one of the most popular dishes, comprising of cashew nuts that are cooked in a simple sauce of coconut, cumin, coriander and green chilli.

Fish Koliwada

Fish Koliwada is a staple dish in Malvani cuisine and is eaten as a snack or as an appetiser before a main meal. The dish, which originates from Mumbai, comprises of pieces of fish which are marinated for around half an hour before being dipped in a spicy batter and fried. It’s a simple dish, but one that is full of flavour.

Bangda Fry

Bangda Fry is a speciality in Malvani cuisine, with the main ingredient being mackerel. To prepare the dish, the head of the mackerel is removed and the remaining body is rubbed with a combination of spices before being fried whole.

Malvani cuisine is famed for its spicy, mouth-watering dishes. Whether it’s a fish appetizer or a vegetarian curry, all dishes are packed full of flavour. If you want to sample dishes equally as tasty, then why not head down to one of London’s fine dining Indian restaurants? With chefs using only the very best ingredients to create authentic dishes inspired by many regions of India, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

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