Proper Utilization Of High Beam Headlights On Roads Can Prevent Fatal Accidents

When it comes to driving vehicles, one must always be cautious and alert. However some of us tend to forget the traffic rules and run into accidents. One of the major causes of road accidents is failure to turnoff the high beam headlights. The intensity of the light can blind other people crossing roads or driving from the opposite direction and can lead to fatal accidents.

Hesitation in the Drivers to Use High Beams

While some of us might use high beams on roads at night, the others might somewhat feel sceptical in doing so. The reasons might vary from one person to other. This is the reason why some companies have come up with a technology that can automatically switch between high beams to low beams, thereby allowing for safer driving.

Most of these technologies make use of sensors, which will be attached to the headlights or rear view mirrors, and they can automatically sense whether there is traffic or vehicle, and set the high beam accordingly.

Laws in Regard to Accidents Caused by High Beams

Accidents can happen anywhere and everywhere. Imagine you are driving on a road and you are blinded by the headlights of the car coming from the other side. Due to poor visibility, you lose control of your vehicle and crash into another vehicle or even to a pole or tree. Then what? If you do not know the laws, then the other person can easily swindle you of your money.

As a smart citizen, you need to be familiar with the laws of your state. If you live in and around Sydney, then you need to know what are the rules and regulations that are observed by the Sydney courts, when it comes to accidents caused by high beams.

If you do happen to get yourself in such situations, then there are many credible motor vehicle compensation lawyers Sydney, and they can help you. These lawyers will first hear your case and access the situations.

Some the rules put forth by courts in regard to high beams include:

  • Drivers must drive within a safe distance behind vehicles travelling the same direction or opposite direction
  • If found blinded by high beams, then the driver must immediately stop or proceed slowly in order to avoid hitting objects
  • If the driver is overtaking, then they must switch from low beam to high beam, before overtaking

If the driver if found to be negligent and fails to abide by the above rules, then they might have to pay a penalty.

Involvement of Lawyers

Lawyers play a very important role when it comes to handling accidents. You might need to have strong proofs or witness, if you want to fight your case. A credible lawyer will know the right tactics in handling such situations and might help you get your due, if you are not at fault.

You might have to research a bit when it comes to finding the right lawyer. Ask for references and put forth your doubts and queries about the case. Ensure that you tell the lawyer everything, so that they can be able to guide you better.


It is always better to be safe than sorry. Practice traffic rules and ensure that you pay attention to your high beam lights while driving.