5 Tips For Using LinkedIn To Boost Business Sales

LinkedIn is the ideal place to boost business sales because you have the chance to connect with businesses on a central platform. But you have to use LinkedIn in the right way if you’re going to get the sales boost you’re looking for.

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We’re going to go through five tips for using LinkedIn to boost business sales.

  1. Say it in Your Headline

Your LinkedIn headline shouldn’t just say what you are and who you are. It should say what you want. Tell businesses in the headline what you can do for them. This is the first thing people see, so it makes perfect sense for you to use this space to promote what you’re selling.

  1. Make a LinkedIn Group

The chances are you’re targeting a specific industry. You should aim to create a central place where you can promote to this target audience. Make a LinkedIn group and start inviting companies to join it. Be active and in time you’ll have a thriving audience you can occasionally promote to.

These LinkedIn groups, generally, get easier to manage over time. In the beginning, you’ll have to fuel interaction, but gradually it will start to happen on its own.

Just remember not to oversell!

  1. Use the Power of the Upsell

Don’t use your group to hard sell to everyone. In fact, you shouldn’t use the hard sell on anyone. As humans of the 21st century, we’re programmed to switch off when a greasy-haired salesperson comes up to us and tries to sell us something. This applies as much online as it does in the real world.

Instead, use the upsell. Begin by providing something to your users to free. In other words, give them something of value, a free sample if you will.

Some ideas include:

Then after they consume the freebie you offer them something for a price.

  1. LinkedIn Questions and Answers

This part of the website allows authorities in industry to answer questions from ordinary users. This is a place where you should get active. Provide a detailed answer to a user and the chances are they’ll seek you out of their own accord.

It can turn out to be the gateway that convinces people to see what you have to offer, and all without promoting a single thing.

  1. Use InMail

Proponents of the cold call will get much better results through using InMail. This is the internal mailing system used on LinkedIn. It’s so powerful because it allows you to get through to senior decision makers without the need for an introduction.

You are many times more likely to get through to someone using this internal mailing system.


LinkedIn is a powerful platform. These five tips will enable you to make more B2B sales online. But remember that this is an on-going process. Don’t demand instant results. Be patient.