Moving To London – How To Find The Right Property

Whether it’s for work purposes, to be closer to family or simply as a much-needed change of scenery, moving from Italy to London can be an uplifting and revitalising experience to say the least. Of course the primary motivator for those making such moves is work – job prospects in London for young professionals are rather more abundant than just about anywhere else in Europe. But across the board, more Italians are making the move into the UK than ever before and finding that the USA isn’t the world’s only land of opportunity.

In terms of finding the right property as a foreigner making the move, the distance can of course be something of a hindrance rather than a help. But at the same time, the web has made it easier than ever before to conduct comprehensive property searches to ensure that whether you intend to buy or rent, there’s nothing to stop you making your first move to London a largely flawless move.

Here’s an overview of just a few simple tips for making it happen:

Targeted Italian Resources

First of all, it’s a good idea to begin your search by checking out one or more of the web’s very best resources set up specifically for Italians looking to make the move to the UK. What’s great about these sites is the way in which they feature only the kind of information and listings that are guaranteed to be of use to an Italian looking to move to London, making the access to advice and guidance on offer. In the same vein, it’s also useful to get yourself involved with as many online communities as possible that are dedicated to Italians moving or already living abroad.

Reputable Agents

While it’s inevitable that siding with a quality estate agent will mean the addition of certain fees and charges, such major events in a person’s life leave really very little margin for error. As such, it’s a good idea to consider doing business only with those agents that have been able to build a reputation for pure excellence over the years, rather than those that are largely unknown. It’s simply a way of guaranteeing yourself a solid service package and the customer care you may need along the way.

Direct Contact

Something else to bear in mind is the way in which the listings you find online are by no means the only listings that are currently available. As you lack the luxury of being able to head out and physically see what’s on offer, it’s a good idea to reach out to the agents of your choosing directly in order to ask them what’s new. You could even tell them what you’re looking for and have them contact you when something becomes available – this way you reduce the likelihood of being beaten to the punch and missing out just because you were limiting your search to the online listings.

Careful Research

Never forget that in a city like London, location matters just as much as the property…if not more so. From the perspective of a foreigner looking to buy in, it’s always advisable to spend some time carefully researching the various areas and districts of London in order to find out where you really want to be and which areas are less than suitable. From existing Italian communities to amenities to schools to transport to safety and so much more, all such factors and hundreds of others much be taken into account to find your perfect property.

Consider a Visit

If you are planning on buying a property or renting long-term, it might be in your best interests to take a trip to the UK capital and take a look at the place in-person. These days, it costs next to nothing to fly into London from a fair few Italian airports and doing so could keep you from all manner of nasty surprises further down the line. Or if you have friends or family already in the UK, consider asking them to carry out an inspection on your behalf.

Be Realistic

Last but not least, it’s of crucial importance to be realistic when it comes to the type of property you’re interested in and how much you are willing to pay. The reason being that London is statistically one of the most expensive places in the world to buy or rent a property. As such, if you are only willing to pay the absolute minimum, you cannot expect to score a fantastic home in a great location.

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