4 Tips For Picking A Luxury Hotel

Live in the lap of luxury by picking a hotel that tailors to your specific needs. Develop a vision of your ideal hotel. If you’re a workout buff you may require a modern fitness center with weights, cardiovascular equipment and access to a large swimming pool.

Follow these 4 tips to choose the right luxury hotel for your needs.

What Do You Value?

Some people prefer a wide range of amenities in their ideal luxury hotel while others require spacious, elegantly-designed rooms to be happy with their lodging. You may prefer to be in a location closer to local hot spots with a few less amenities.

Even if you’re going the luxury route you may still want to set a price limit on what you’re willing to pay for a room. Decide on what you value before setting out to find your ideal hotel.

Every person has a different view of luxury. Dining in a world-renowned, top rated restaurant may mean more to a food aficionado than someone who values living in the middle of an upscale area of town. A workout buff may only want to stay in a hotel with a world class fitness center and massage service.

Figure out what you most need in a luxury hotel to narrow down your search.


Some people prefer a smaller chain, less known hotel for a more intimate experience. Small independent hotels, inns and bed and breakfasts may not appear on large, popular booking sites but can provide you with a luxury experience. You may need to dig a bit deeper online and offline to find these gems but doing the leg work is well worth it.

Frequent fliers who are waking early to travel may prefer to stay at a high end hotel in close proximity to the airport. Figure out specifically where you wish to stay to choose a luxury hotel with convenience in mind.


Large online booking sites offer you filters to find your preferred amenities. If you want to have access to a restaurant, gym or massage service tick off your favorite amenities to see what luxury hotels can offer your preferences.

Each person has a different view of what “luxury” means to them. Some customers may prefer a large, luxurious breakfast with a smorgasbord of meal selections. Waking up to a huge selection of fruits, rolls, omelets, juices and other fare may mean more to you than having access to a sauna and steam room.

You may be able to compare and contrast hotels on some booking sites to weigh the pros and cons of each hotel. Gauge room types, rate, amenities and star ratings to find the perfect match.

Study Reviews

Customer reviews often give you all you need to know to make an informed, confident decision about a luxury hotel. If a discerning group of customers offer largely glowing reviews of a hotel you can be assured that they’ve likely passed the quality test.Research hotels on booking sites to find customer reviews.

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