3 Tips For Buying A Fireplace

Sitting by a warm toasty fireplace on a cold winter night can be the perfect way to wind down after a stressful day. You may want to enjoy your hot beverage of choice or maybe you simply want to fall asleep by the hearth.

In either case being a smart shopper can help you find the right fireplace for your home. Pick a fireplace which fits your home’s décor. Decide if you want to buy a built-in or portable fireplace and think through your source of heat before making an investment.

Although installing an old fashioned fireplace can create an appealing experience remember that this option is a bit messy compared to the other alternatives. You’ll also be doing more maintenance and upkeep after use.

Purchasing a modern fireplace may be the right choice if you’re a busy person with little time to clean ashes and scrub floors. Buy a fireplace with maintenance in mind.

Match Your Décor

Choose a fireplace that vibes with your home design. Polished stainless steel or black steel align well with contemporary homes. These gel fireplaces seamlessly fit into your living room, dining room or den. Older homes may match well with an electric fireplace. Picking an electric fireplace with wooden paneling and mantle creates a warm, inviting feel within an old-fashioned home.

A modern homeowner may consider a light colored electric fireplace. Molded accents and earth tone slates fit well within a home with a vintage or modern feel. Make sure you visualize how you want the area to look before investing in a new fireplace.

Portable or Built-In?

Decide if you want to buy a portable or built-in fireplace. A built-in propane fireplace may be the ideal choice for a homeowner with both the space and time to install the fireplace. If you want a more stately presentation you can’t go wrong with a built-in fireplace. Just make sure you have ample space to house this type of fireplace as it rests flush against the wall.

A corner fireplace works well for homeowners who don’t have as much space to play with. These types of fireplaces use gel fuel, meaning that you can create a toasty, warm environment without needing to install its gas cousin.

Buy a round or square wall-mount fireplace if you have room on only one wall of your home.

Choose the Source of Heat

Figure out the heating source of your new fireplace by choosing from electricity, gel, propane, natural gas or wood. Choose a type of fireplace which is compatible with your home’s heat source to make your life easier.

Think through efficiency. Picking a cost effective model and make can save you a small fortune. Consider a portable fireplace powered by electricity or gel if you want to cut your energy bills significantly.

For an old school, highly energy efficient approach use wood and lighter fluid to heat your hearth. If you don’t mind storing and lugging around fire wood you can have quite the authentic, inexpensive experience.