4 Tips For Conceiving

Trying to get pregnant can be both an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. Use these 4 tips to increase the likelihood of conceiving.

Feel Good about the Process

Feeling strong negative emotions like anxiety or worry over your conceiving can lessen the likelihood that you’ll get pregnant. Although feeling some anxiety is normal don’t be in a hurry to get pregnant. Stressing out can cause a hormonal imbalance which in turn prevents you from ovulating during your cycle.

Take a chill pill. Meditate frequently to better embrace your emotions. Cultivate your peace of mind by surrounding yourself only with positive people. Make feeling good the priority in your life. Raise your vibe to feel better and to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Try to Get Pregnant During a Set Time Window

Having intercourse at the right time increases your chances of conceiving. Have sex during your most fertile days. This window runs from 3 days before you ovulate to and through the day you ovulate. If you do decide to try to get pregnant a bit sooner than 3 days before ovulation you may still conceive.

Since sperm can live for 6 days in your body you may get pregnant for up to almost a week after you have sex.

Make sure your partner ejaculates before you try to have sex during your fertile window. If he hasn’t done so recently he may be harboring a buildup of dead sperm. When you try to conceive you can’t get pregnant from dead sperm.

Use In Vitro Fertilization

Visit a fertility clinic to learn more about in vitro fertilization. Take advantage of the latest advancements in science if you’re having a difficult time conceiving. Overcome fertility problems by speaking to specialists who can find the right match for your needs.

Take Care of Your Body

Eating a nutritious, healthy diet and cutting out smoking and drinking helps you get pregnant. Consume lean proteins, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates to stay fit, feel great and to boost your mood. Eat chicken, fish, peanuts, olive oil, fruits and vegetables to become more fertile.

Cut out fatty, sugary foods like donuts, French fries and soft drinks to feel healthy.

Keep fit by exercise 4 to 6 times each week for 30 minutes per session. Walk, run or jog to lower your body fat levels. Just don’t lose too much fat. Shedding too much weight at once can have as detrimental an effect as gaining too much weight. Both extremes can knock your hormone levels out of balance which decreases your likelihood of conceiving.

Make fitness your number one priority to grow your family.

Stop smoking and drinking. These low energy habits can adversely affect your hormones. If you’re serious about getting pregnant form the habit of living a healthy lifestyle. Pick up a bottle of spring water instead of a beer and toss out your cigarettes for good. Working on your mindset and making a clear and definite decision to be healthy for the good of your family can inspire you to release these vices.