4 Tips For Cutting Your Air Conditioning Bills

Cool off without breaking the bank in the process.

Use these 4 tips to lower your air conditioning bills.

Plant More to Save More

Did you know nature can help reduce your air conditioning bills? Use vegetation to shield your home from the sun’s rays. Plant trees and shrubs to help shadow your house during hot summer months. Greenery can also improve the presentation of your property. Root bushes by your windows and create a sweeping canopy by planting trees beside your home. Get a helping hand from the environment to maximize your savings. Purchase 10 to 20 foot trees to get the most bang for your savings buck.

Get Serious About Maintenance

Hire a technician to perform annual maintenance on your central air unit. Through the wear and tear of a normal summer season your unit will slowly break down unless you maintain the central air system. Make sure to do minimal maintenance work by keeping the outside of your unit free from debris. This ensures that air will flow freely through the central air unit and that your system will operate at peak efficiency which leads to lower air conditioning bills. Don’t cheap out on maintenance costs or you may be spending a fortune on major repairs down the road.

When you’ve gotten as much juice as you can out of a unit the time will come to buy a new system. Don’t try to put a band-aid on a gaping wound. Invest in a new unit to keep things cool and to improve your energy efficiency.

Turn off the Stove

During the warmest months of the year you may want to take things outside to keep your air conditioning bill lower. Adding warmth to an already hot environment does your central air unit no favors. How about heading outside to do some grilling? Or maybe you can use the microwave regularly during hot months. Keep the stove off and refrain from baking to give your air conditioning unit a break. If you do need to cook make sure to turn on the fan or kitchen exhaust system to cool things off quickly.

Find a Comfortable Temperature

Lowering temperatures on your air conditioner to arctic levels only skyrockets your energy bills. Sure your room will feel like an icebox but is that really necessary? You’re doing the environment a disservice too as you’ll be running your cooling system from a grossly inefficient space. It’s quite silly to walk around in a sweatshirt and sweatpants during hot winter months because your indoor temperature is so low. Do yourself a favor; find a comfortable temperature that your family can agree upon. Set your thermostat at that temperature to cut your air conditioning bills and to do the environment a solid. Make efficiency and comfort your cooling goals.

Vow not to lower your central air thermostat to ridiculously low levels again. Be smart. Maintain a comfy temperature in your home to lower your bills.

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