Knowing When To Call A Roofing Company

Roofs are a major investment when it comes to your home, and since homes cannot exist without a roof, it’s imperative that you have a sturdy roof to put above you and your family’s heads. It is also important to stick to your roofing contractor who put the roofs for the first time so that if the roofs were put wrongly they are held responsible and in any case, you can call them and ask questions. Roofs get worn out with time due to many reasons. Read on to learn more.

  1. Roofs need to be changed once in awhile. Whether it is replacing shingles or redoing the whole roof, warranties on roofs may vary. The lifespan of roofs is usually between 20-25 years from the time they are installed.
  1. Shingles start cracking with time, and if you happen to see cracked shingles it is best you call a roofing contractor since it is a sign that shingles are aging. A few cracked shingles are easy to repair, and it is better to prepare early to avoid extra damages. The edges of shingles also start curling which are a sign of the shingles aging up and there you will be required to get new roofs for your house.
  1. During the winter season, you get ice dams which forms when the garret is warm to melt the snow, and the water seeps under the shingles. The roofing company will help by improving the insulation in the attic and create a vent between the insulation and the sheathing of the roof.
  1. If your roof is sagging, which you can know even when you are in the house, means that the materials used to make the roof have weakened sometimes due to damage by water or normal deterioration. Such roofs are an indication that your roofs may be faulty or they may have been put in the wrong way and therefore consulting a roofing contractor is the best idea.
  1. If you see a lot of granules that are either black or grey on your gutters it mostly means that your shingles have reached their lifespan and they need to be changed. The granules on the shingles are usually there to help keep away the excess heat from the sun away from the house, and they need to be replaced immediately to avoid excessive heat.
  1. It is also important to be concerned to watch what your neighbors do since in most cases your neighbors build their houses at the same time as you. Therefore, if you happen to see that your neighbors are changing their roofs then it is the right time to consider having a look at your roofs and see if they have aged too.
  1. Your roof may also get some dark stains, which is mostly from the algae and moss that forms and you are not to scrap them off or power wash them and so the roofing companies are the best people to contact.

Written by True Son Exteriors, the best contractor for roofing in Columbia, MO.