4 HVAC Repair Tips

If you’ve ever had to live through bone chilling temperatures or steamy hot conditions when your HVAC unit goes on the fritz you’ll appreciate the value of consistence maintenance. Having your system checked annually can help you to avoid any big problems suffered during brutally hot or icy cold months.

Use these 4 HVAC repair tips to keep your unit humming along.

Heating Tips

Professional technicians should check your gas or oil connections regularly to help you avoid any health problems. Pros also address a potential fire hazard by checking these connections. Lessen the likelihood of internal parts freezing by using rust preventing paint at line joints. Maintain a warm, comfortable and safe environment. Find an HVAC technician who’ll keep your system running smoothly during chilly months.

Do Regular Maintenance

One of the best ways to avoid expensive, in-depth repair work is to have regular maintenance performed on your HVAC unit. Don’t wait until something goes wrong. Schedule regular maintenance to lessen the likelihood of a serious system breakdown. By neglecting your HVAC unit you may set yourself up for unnecessary headaches when your system runs into big problems in the future.  Have annual maintenance performed to keep your HVAC unit running properly. Technicians can make sure your electrical connections aren’t corroding can lubricate the system’s parts. Skilled professionals will also top off Freon levels. Regular maintenance helps your system to run effectively too. This means you’ll experience max cooling during warm months and nice, toasty interior temperatures during cooler months. If you’re a “do it yourself” type make sure to change filters on your air conditioning unit regularly.

You will likely need to pay fees for maintenance but adopt a big picture approach for these investments. Spending a bit of money now will help you avoid costly repair bills in the future.

Go Automatic

Make sure your fan is set to automatic to boost your savings. Allowing your fan to run continuously wastes both energy and money. Use the automatic setting to control your temperature and to lower your energy bill. Doing this also helps you get the most use out of your HVAC fan. If you can lessen the need for frequent duct cleanings all the better. Avoid frequent, costly, time-consuming repair work by running your fan on automatic. If you and your family are at work or school during the day just keep the setting on auto to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Whether you want to keep things toasty during cold months or cool things off during hot months using the automatic fan feature will control your climate and lower your energy bills.

Do It Yourself Work

You can do a few simple things to keep your HVAC system in tip top shape. Ensure all circuit breakers are flipped to their appropriate positions. Check that your pilot light is switched on if your heating system seems to be having issues. Read manufacturer instructions for advice on how frequently you should change filters. Get in touch with an HVAC technician if your air conditioning unit freezes on the exterior.