4 Effective Actions To Increase Agents’ Productivity In BPO Firms

BPO companies across the globe are having difficult times to ensure high productivity of all the professionals employed into various outsourced business functions.  It is so true that these BPO firms take several crucial actions focused on increasing agents’ productivity, but it becomes actually difficult for them to accomplish this goal.  However, they should know that there exist some effective actions that can help increase agents’ productivity in BPO firms with utmost ease, and four of the most effective actions are discussed herein.

  • Ensure timely rewards and recognition:  You must know that nothing can be more encouraging for employees than timely rewards and recognition.  If you are too much careful about this aspect, then you can easily maintain a productive and disciplined workforce.  On the other hand, if you are too much casual towards this crucial aspect, then you just cannot maintain increase the productivity of professionals employed into various crucial functions.  Therefore, experts want BPO companies to ensure timely rewards and recognition for their agents.  This would not only pave way for top-tier BPO services, but would also help the solution providers maintain a disciplined and productive workforce.  On the other hand, if a BPO firm is actually not much concerned about this aspect, then it will not only hamper the quality of outsourced solutions, but would also expose the solution provider to threats related to employee churn.Therefore, it is high time BPO firms should pay attention towards ensuring timely rewards and recognition.
  • Have monthly/quarterly contests:  It is so true that agents employed into various outsourced tasks need to motivated and encouraged on a regular basis.  It is so true that BPO firms handle many crucial functions, such as telemarketing, customer service, data verification, and so on.  In order to encourage all the agents taking care of those crucial tasks, it is quite important to organize monthly/quarterly contests.  For instance, in order to motivate all the experts of telemarketing call center companies, it is always a good idea to engage them through contests organized on a regular time period.  These contents should focus upon achieving a stipulated target before a certain time period.  What is even more important is that these contests should pay attention to all the aspects of performance.  These sorts of initiatives can help you increase agents’ productivity with utmost ease.
  • Don’t pay too much attention to short breaks:  It is such an unprofessional approach to restrict break timings of agents; however, if you would go too casual in this regard, then it is so obvious that the overall productivity can be hampered.  Therefore, experts want BPO firms to schedule short breaks of agents and allow them to take short breaks as per their wish, and whenever they want to.  Allowing agents take short breaks throughout their shifts will actually help them revitalize.  More importantly, it will actually help them deliver high quality BPO services.  It is so obvious that if you would pay too much attention to the break timings and duration of short breaks, then your employees would not be able to give their cent percent to the task assigned to them.  Therefore, senior managers in BPO firms should stop paying too much attention to short break timings and duration.
  • Establish value-centric work culture:  Needless to mention that value-centric work culture is such an important aspect that can help BPO firms maintain highly productive, disciplined, and reliable workforce.  Therefore, they must start paying attention towards establishing value-centric work culture.  For instance, if a marketing executive who is handling customer engagement function of a BPO company would start lying about the benefits of a product, then it will certainly hamper the overall performance of that company in the long run.  Therefore, it is important to establish value-centric work culture in telemarketing call center firms.  Similarly, if a customer service expert does not inform customers about all the crucial details, then it will hamper the reputation of solution provider.  Therefore, experts want BPO firms to take all pragmatic and calculated steps that can help them establish and maintain value-centric work culture.  This is simply the most effective step towards increasing agents’ productivity.

In short, by following these crucial actions, BPO firms can easily improve the productivity of their workforce.  Importantly, all these can enable them deliver efficient BPO services to their clients, which can furthermore pave way for more strategic bonds with clients.