Why We Should Listen To Our Cars?

Human relies on their senses to be productive in their daily lives. They simply can’t live without them. Our senses are essential for a variety of tasks including when repairing our cars. Eventually all cars break down and we should be able to detect early signs of troubles by listening to unusual noises, like knocks, crunches, pings, rumbles, rattles, squeaks and rattles. Once we notice noises that we don’t normally hear, we should immediately find the source.

Often, these noises are caused by harmless objects, like dropped coins that clatter with metal objects in the interior when we drive the car on rougher areas. But in many cases, these noises could originate from under the hood and areas that we can’t reach easily. In this case, there could be worn parts in the air conditioning and engines. Belts could get loose and some moving parts could start to wear out.

We could also encounter situations like low engine oil, stuck valve filter, bent fan blade and loose wheel cover. We could hear high-pitched noises like screeches and this could happen when our cars is running or in motion. The sound could be caused by direct contacts between metal, such some brake components that need to be maintained or services.

Rumble sounds or any low-pitched sounds could be caused by damaged exhaust that disrupts the normal air flow. Clicks and squeals could be caused by engine problems, such as using fuel with octane value lower than manufacturers’ recommendation. In this case, we could always consult the owner’s manual to know things that may go wrong. As a solution, we could go to a different gas station to get fuel with higher quality and higher octane value.

If problems still occur, this could be caused issues with engine ignition timing. But in the end, we should go to a mechanic, if we are doubtful about the real cause of the problem. Other noises we should be aware of rhythmic pounding sounds like heavier knocks. This could be caused by improper transmission settings, or rod bearings and crankshaft that wear out.

There could also be random thumping noises like clunks that could be caused by loose muffler, suspension components and loose shock absorbers. Car owners should be aware of damages are more likely to occur on pick-up trucks and SUVs, because they are more likely to pass harsh terrains and bad roads. In this case, car owners should pay attention on moving parts of their cars, such as axles, U-joint and others.

These components could be affected by intense kinetic forces, such as rotational, twisting and bending movements due to constant use on bad terrain. Four-wheel drive cars are more complex than standard two-drive models and they could be more vulnerable to damages caused by prolonged uses in roads. Overall, if we hear noises that we shouldn’t hear, we should go to mechanics whenever possible.

This could prevent catastrophic damages from occurring and make sure the longevity of our cars. Cars are mechanical creatures and they make noises that we should listen to.

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