How To Make French Manicure Last Longer

It may take years, fashion, new colors emerge and she will always be current. Because bring your nails to the French is always a safe bet: elegant, feminine, delicate, beautiful and natural.

However, the characteristic white stripe usually kept spotless by less time than we would like, ruining all the appearance of our hands and throwing us into the arms of nail polish remover. To prevent this from happening, in this article we reveal how to make your French manicure last much longer.

The enamel color you choose for your French manicure does matter. If you choose a very light tone is likely that any imperfect remain more naked than if you opt for a pale shade of pink or creamy white. Avoid using a transparent color for the natural whiteness of your nail will not notice when it is grown.

A good and lasting French manicure should have five layers of glaze:

  • First you must apply a moisturizing base or empowering
  • Then the first color layer
  • And then you do the white stripe
  • Again apply another coat color
  • Finally, seal it with a bright and protective gel

It is very important to know to choose the protective gel, as this will be your great ally to remain perfect manicure for much longer. Your job is to make your manicure lasts twice as long and succeeds through its creamy consistency that makes your nails look of film.

Believe it or not, the thickness of the line directly influences its duration. The stripe must be neither too thin nor too thick, because in both ends the result is that scorchers faster. So bet on average and try not to be entirely straight, because if you do a little wave is less likely to rub against everything you touch.

The day you do the manicure, avoids tasks compromise much the use of your hands, as this is the day of test: if you get through it, other days you will have your perfect hands.

Therefore it is recommended that you paint your nails after the end of the day when you have everything ready for the next day. Yes, avoid doing so at night so that the sheets on your bed do not ruin all your work while you sleep.

Two days after you’ve done your French manicure, it’s time for retouching. Apply another layer of protective gel to replenish the lost luster. You will see your manicure looks as if you had just done! If necessary, a week later reapplied white stripe, other color layer and a layer of gel.

You can also opt for semi-permanent manicure offer some beauty salons. They offer 15 days duration and the result is very satisfactory. You can make use of it when you have planned a trip and thus warrant is perfect all every day without retouching or concerns. Please visit Nail salon in Manhattan NY and Cheap Manicures in Manhattan NY for more details.