Tips For Finding A Good Mechanic

Are you in a bind? If you are changing mechanics or moving to a new location you may feel lost. Going to a dealership may be an expensive endeavor and it may take a while to trust a local mechanic enough to give them your business. Follow a few simple tips to find the perfect match.

Remember that you’ll be entrusting this individual with a large investment. You may be spending a small fortune on your car as both small and large repairs add up during the lifetime of your automobile. Get to know your prospective mechanic before making this important decision.

Use the Internet

Niche specific forums, blogs and social media websites offer you all you need to know about good, reputable mechanics in your area. Auto enthusiasts and even the Average Car Joe will weigh in on their experiences. Tap into this goldmine of customer feedback since word of mouth marketing reigns supreme. Check for recommendations concerning your car’s make and model to align with a skilled mechanic who knows how to fix your ride. Just note that some negative folks trash mechanics with poor reviews even if said feedback is unwarranted. Jealous competitors or internet trolls may skew reviews so take excessively negative reviews with a grain of salt.

Look Around the Shop

Do you like what you see? Reputable mechanics usually run a tight ship. Sloppy, disorganized mechanics should be avoided in most cases. If a mechanic runs a successful, prospering business you will see evidence of their success in the orderliness and neatness of their shop. Look for a clean, organized environment. Oil and other fluids should be cleaned up regularly. The best mechanics pride themselves on a clean working environment, including the parking lot. Look for a neat office area too. Cars should be moving in and out of the lot regularly so beware any mechanic with loads of junkers in the lot.

Spend 20 minutes observing the grounds during a normal workday. Seeing how staff interacts with customers gives you clues into how your experience may be. If you like what you see you may have found the perfect match.

Sit Down for a Meeting

If you’re likely to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars over the course of your relationship you better interview the mechanic in person before entrusting them with your automobiles. The interview doesn’t need to be in depth but you should gloss over a few basic questions. Ask about their experience fixing cars similar to your automobile. Get a feel for their intent to see if you have good chemistry. You must trust this person fully before handing them the keys to your car.

Although older mechanics may have a world of experience working on older vehicles they may be a bit lost when it comes to repairing computers under your hood. Make sure that they have working knowledge of your car and modern day technological advances to find the right match.

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