Why Is Breast Augmentation Popular?

We live in an era where a person’s physical appearance come first and foremost. Humans have for centuries sought after means to beautify and enhance their appearance. 21st century advances in medicine and surgery have seen the rise to popularity of cosmetic surgical procedures. Amongst the cosmetic surgeries offered today, breast augmentation is a leading favorite to most women. This procedure seeks to enhance the volume and appearance of a woman’s breasts. So why would a woman want a major surgical procedure done on her breasts? What are the possible motivations that necessitate this procedure? This article explores the procedure, risks involved and everything in between.

Breast augmentation or otherwise referred to as augmentation mammoplasty in clinical terms is a surgical procedure that involves the placement of breast implants to enhance the size of a woman’s breasts, or to restore the changes in breast volume that occur on severe weight loss or pregnancy. In place of silicone-gel or saline filled implants, fat grafting may also be performed. The procedure may also alter the texture of breasts.

Augmentation mammoplasty is sought after for more than cosmetic purposes. Below are some instances where it is performed.

  1. Pregnancy, age and weight loss largely affect the volume and texture of a woman’s breasts. The procedure is done to once more restore firmness and fullness in volume.
  2. For simple aesthetic purposes. Not everyone is endowed with a full double D burst. Breast augmentation may be performed to increase the volume and “burst size.”
  3. Breast augmentation may be performed to create breast symmetry in cases where one breast is larger than the other or placed at an off position relative to the other.
  4. In the case of overgrown breasts, a breast reduction surgery gets rid if the excess tissue and fat resulting in a smaller desirable cup size.
  5. For medical purposes, breast augmentation may be done to remove cancerous growth in one or both breasts. Afterwards, implants may be used to cover up the results of the invasive procedure.

The mammoplasty procedure involves the surgeon making incisions either below the breasts, around the areola or on the armpit region and lifting the tissue. The surgeon then proceeds to create a pocket where the implant is placed. Alternatively, the surgeon may harvest some of the individual’s own fat in autologous fat transfer where it is used in place of silicone-gel implants or saline filled implants. The fat is injected into the pockets created.

The latter procedure is still experimental due to the lack of data history. All the same, the surgical procedure has a high success rate. Depending on an individual’s anatomy and the surgeon’s recommendation, the position of the implant will vary. Most often, the implant is placed beneath the pectoral muscle found between the chest wall and breast tissue.

Implants may also be place atop the pectoral muscle and beneath breast tissue. Depending on one’s medical history and aesthetic goals, the choice of implants will vary between saline-filled implants, cohesive silicone gel filled implants, structured saline filled implants, autologous fat transfer and silicone gel filled implants. After completion of the procedure, healing time is anywhere between four weeks and six weeks.

While breast implants are meant to last a lifetime, they may require replacement. Routine examination by a board certified professional are necessary. Being itself a surgery, post-operative care instructions are issued. Pain medication and antibiotics to curb the risk of an infection are also prescribed. Scarring is also expected but after a while the scars dissipate and are barely noticeable.

In conclusion, it is of the utmost importance to make sure that the surgeon you consult for a breast augmentation procedure is a certified practitioner. There are an awful lot of quacks out there out to make a quick buck at the expense of people’s health and lives. There have been reported instances where non-medical grade silicone implants have been used with detrimental effects. Take time to explore what options are available. Otherwise, a perfectly executed mammoplasty is a worthwhile venture.

Dr. Gregory H. Croll is the owner of his own practice, and the leading doctor for breast augmentation in Columbia, MO.