Why Addiction Is An Election Issue For Many Women In Aurora

Addiction Showing Itself as a Major Issue All Across the United States of America and not Just in Aurora

There is no doubt whatsoever that addiction is becoming a very dangerous and severe issue indeed in the Aurora area and this is why a drug rehab Aurora is in place to help this soon to be drug epidemic if it is now taken care of now. For example:

  • According, DEA Acting Administrator Chuck Rosenberg, approximately 120 people die each day in the United States of a drug overdose.  This is more than the numbers of individuals who die from car accidents every day.  It is more than the numbers of individuals who die from violence every day.  It’s more than the numbers of individuals who die from guns every day.  It’s even more than the numbers of individuals who die from other accidents every day too.  In fact, only alcohol and cigarettes cause more preventable deaths in the United States than drugs do. Still, drugs do have a huge impact on the Aurora residents and this can be easily taken care of with a drug rehabilitation Aurora in place.
  • The CDC, (www.cdc.gov), encourages states to create prescription drug monitoring programs that are easy to use so that providers can analyze patient prescription-drug history and make informed decisions before prescribing opioid painkillers that can create bad effects on those who use and abuse them.  This is currently the most concerning substance abuse factor in the nation though because of how fast the problem has already grown to date.

Election and Addiction in and Around the Greater Aurora Area

Sadly, drug and alcohol addiction has made such a significant impact in the Aurora area and in the greater Chicago area for that matter has become such a serious and severe issue that the problem is thought to be as bad as it could possibly ever be.  This issue does nothing but worsen more and more and more and more as the years go by, and it is feared that the issue will at some point in the near future escalate to a point of being a full on epidemic.  It has affected local election greatly because it has put potential elected officials on the spot as to how they propose to address the grim and all too serious issue.

Addiction is compulsive behavior that persists despite negative consequences. Once one realizes that that’s the definition of addiction, one realize that what’s going on is a failure to respond to punishment. If punishment worked to stop addiction, addiction wouldn’t exist, of course. People use despite their families getting mad at them, despite losing their jobs and being homeless right?  And yet it is thought that the threat of jail is going to be different?

Addiction persists despite negative consequences. That doesn’t mean that people don’t recover through coercive means, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best way to get there, by any means.  In the end, the most important thing that Aurora can do is to apply the tools of interventionists and substance addiction Aurora centers to effectively banish substance abuse and addiction from these areas.  If this is done properly and successfully, then it is thought that the problem will to a large degree cease to exist.