Strong Warning Signs Which States That Your Parents Need Help At Home

For most of the senior individuals, admitting that they need help is like admitting they no longer can take care of themselves. Well, no wonder all of us love our freedom, but when it is about old age, it is good to accept that you are a little dependent now.

If your parents are getting old, then it doesn’t mean you need to admit them to a nursing home for a 24×7 care. Well, fortunately, now you can hire some in-house care for them and be rest assured that all their house and personal works are handled efficiently. However, most certainly, your parents might not agree with the idea, but if you see some sure shot signs, then you must get them some help.

A few signs that indicate your parents need help:

  • There is spoiled food in the kitchen and no one has thrown it away
  • They find it difficult to get up from a seated position and move around
  • They are missing some important meetings
  • They are not promptly attending their phones
  • They have some unexplained bruises around their legs and arms
  • They get confused over simple things
  • They keep on forgetting important things
  • They have unpleasant body odor
  • There is strong smell of urine in the house
  • There is a noticeable decline in their grooming habits
  • The house looks extremely dirty and the laundry is piling up
  • There are plenty of unattended mails
  • There are late payment notices and calls from bill collectors
  • They are rapidly losing their weight
  • They are losing interest in their hobbies and regular activities
  • They get frequent and extreme mood swings
  • They don’t remember the schedule of their medication and are taking over or under dose
  • There are some unexplained dents and scratched on their car

In-house care services available for your aging parents:

In-house care services are ideal for those individuals who want to grow old in their own homes. Your old parents may need some help with their house hold and personal chores, but they do not need shifting to a senior care facility.

Home care is non-medical support services offered by care agencies. These companies usually bill on hourly basis and the rates may vary depending on your location. You can also look up the internet to find more information about the locations served in elderly care Sherman Oaks.

Usual services of these companies are

  • Accompanying and talking
  • Helping with grocery shopping
  • Planning and preparing meal
  • Monitoring diet
  • Provide assistance in bathing and dressing
  • Assisting in moving around
  • Taking care of laundry, ironing and vacuuming

Talk about it now:

If you think your parents need help, then now is the right time to start a conversation. They will surely tell you – “everything is fine stop worrying”, but try to convince them. You can also ask them to give it a shot and if they won’t feel comfortable they can always discontinue. However, be rest assured, they will find it like a blessing and would never think of dismissing it.