Tips to cope up with the last few weeks of your pregnancy?

The last few weeks of your pregnancy could prove to be a stressful time. Pretty much on the lines of neurological disorders in pregnancy medicine you need to exercise caution. If any nerve related issues springs up you can opt for medicine for neurological disorders during pregnancy which would help you cope up with such symptoms.

Once your pregnancy leads over to the final stages you are going to be dealing with a lot of physical challenges. Do take care of your fitness or health levels and be prepared for the arrival of your little one.

Some handy tips to exercise during the last stages of pregnancy

  • A healthy diet is essential in anticipation of the difficult days ahead
  • During the day rest is recommended as you are not aware when you might be heading over to labor. Once the process starts and you are tired then real trouble is in store. It would be great if you could start your labor process being refreshed.
  • To keep your fitness levels up be active
  • Make it a point that the bags are ready and packed. If your hospital is far away from your home keep it ready
  • Make it a point that you have discussed your birth plan with your midwife or doctor. This also includes the hospital where you will be delivering your baby as each of you needs to be on the same page.
  • Any skills that you have learnt during your childhood times practice it with your better half
  • Keep the number of a lactation specialist handy if you are going to need them at an early stage of breastfeeding
  • Do make it a point that you attend a breastfeeding course as any information is handy and helpful at this point of time
  • Be aware of the normal movements of your baby. In a couple of hours the baby should move around 10 times. One of the better ways to tell about this would be in an hour around 3 kicks
  • By being able to feel your baby move you should be able to tell whether they are healthy and fine. Keep in mind that since they are going to sleep during the day or night, so they would not be active 24/7. In case if you feel that the baby is not moving, then do have something sweet to eat or drink. Practice things that would get your baby moving like lying down or even you can take a bath. If you are really concerned that the baby is not moving well, it is better that you get in touch with your doctor. Once you reach the end of pregnancy movements are expected to be lesser but for sure they become bigger.
  • Spend a lot of time in establishing communication with your partner as soon you are going to become parents.

These are some of the tips that you need to exercise when you are towards the ending phase of pregnancy.