The Rodeo 110 Is Walkera’s Smallest FPV Racer Yet

The Walkera Rodeo 110 is the blend of feedback plus design, and conveys FPV fun in places never supposed of before. The Rodeo 110 permits for FPV flight in lesser and tight spaces wherever typical bigger drones simply cannot fly because of sheer size. The Rodeo 110 is fully furnished even while the size is actual small. Featuring brush less motors, carbon fiber frame, LED light for night-time flying, HD 600TVL Camera and 5.8 GHz Video Gear, the Rodeo 110 is prepared to race out of the box!

This micro size moreover means it is one of the tiniest drones by brushless motors in the marketplace today, if not the tiniest. In fact, it is so small that all key schemes on the drone for example the flight controller, radio receiver plus power distribution board had to be combined into a distinct board that measures merely 33 x 68mm. That is around the size of a big stamp. This high level of incorporation, though space-saving, means it is not likely to individually substitute any system that gets smashed.

In other words, the whole foremost board needs to be substituted if just one system gets smashed. On the lively side, the board is so lesser it perhaps doesn’t cost ample to manufacture which might possibly mean that it must be accessible at a very reasonable price point.

Luckily, the Rodeo 110 does not usage 4-in-1 included ESCs and in its place features a more conformist setup by 4 independent ESCs. Product pages on main retail sites moreover mention that the FPV video receiver module is detachable from the foremost board which might mean that some other units are detachable as well though this is not precisely clear at the instant. The main board moreover has an exterior RX port for ascribing external receivers — great for those who favor to use their own radio schemes on the drone. The port can receive SBUS and PPM signs.

With the novel Rodeo 110, Walkera is pushing the envelope wherever size is concerned. Such small micro FPV racers provide to the rising crowd of FPV fans who are seeing for small drones that were intended mostly for indoor hovering and inherit the similar features of much bigger FPV racers. By the Rodeo 110, any living room otherwise kitchen can be twisted into an FPV race track.

Both kits come by a 2S battery though it is still not strong if the Rodeo 110 could handle 3S batteries. The small walkera racing drone comprises a factory fixed HD 600TVL extensive angle camera which permits pilots a full highlighted view, increasing confidence whereas racing at high speed. The F3 flight regulator is completely adjustable, permitting the pilot toward tune the flight characteristics to suit their hovering style.