What are the Risks Associated with Teeth Whitening?

If your smile is tarnished by dental stains, teeth whitening may be good for you. But, you may hesitate because of the possible discomfort and unpleasant effects of the treatment.

Possible risks that come with teeth whitening may include tooth sensitivity and damage to roots of teeth. Dentists can help in determining if you will have problems with the procedure. They can also help you with teeth sensitivity by recommending procedures and products that are made to treat sensitive teeth.

Surrey Dentists can also assess for signs of root damage due to teeth whitening and treat the problem if it’s detected earlier.

How Whitening Works

When you visit your dentist for your teeth whitening appointment, you will first undergo a thorough dental cleaning. A protective barrier will be placed over your gums and your dentist will then apply whitening gel to your teeth. Whitening teeth is done thru an oxidation reaction.

Oxygen molecules will move into your teeth and break hard dental stains. After roughly 15 minutes, your dentist will remove the gel and re-apply a new layer. The whole process will be repeated three times during each session to achieve the best results.

Common Risks Associated With Teeth Whitening

Burning Sensation

The chemical components in teeth whitening products are strong enough that they can cause a burning sensation on soft tissues like gums, especially for people who are sensitive.

Increase in Tooth Sensitivity

Some people who have undergone teeth whitening are reporting an increase in sensitivity to hot or cold foods or liquid that goes away quickly, as soon as the temperature of the tooth returns back to normal body temperature.

Tooth Enamel Damage

If whitening products are used too much, erosion of the enamel can happen, thus resulting in tooth damage. This is a good reminder making sure that when you do your own teeth whitening at home to properly read and follow directions and follow your dentist’s advice on how often to whiten teeth.

Problems with Restorations

Dental restorations lie fillings, veneers or dental crowns does not benefit from teeth whitening products. In other words, if you try whitening products on your restoration, the colour of your dental restoration will stay the same.