What are Binary Options Brokers – Choosing a Broker?


Dealing with financial instruments was saved in the past for big financial companies and governments, these used to deal with large amounts of money preforming monetary money management policy. Times have changed and as the years went by, the regular Joe had realized that the government together with major financial firms was controlling his money and that it might be time to get better financial understanding. This led to prosperity of personal bankers and investment companies promising high return on personal investments. Searching for high yield profits these companies have come up with the idea of binary options trading, this new way of trading allows traders to invest small sums of money from the comfort of their homes.

Binary options

Binary options entered the financial arena in 2008 as a development of what was then known as Over The Counter Options (OTC), this new type of investment allows traders to purchase a Call or Put option on financial instruments from all over the world; Stocks, Commodities, Indices and Currency-Pairs can all be traded. Trading is performed on a new innovative online we based software, so traders do not need to download any software which means trading can be made from any device which has an internet connection. Money is made by predicting the movement of a certain assets price within a predefined time period. If the prediction is correct the trader will get an amazing return of up to 95% on his initial profit. So how is this done? In order to trade there is a need for a broker.

Binary options brokers

What are binary options brokers and what is their role in the industry? Like in many other financial fields there is a need for someone who will connect the buyer and the seller, that in a nutshell is what binary options brokers are, but in fact brokers have a much wider factor. Brokers are companies which operate the online binary software and are in charge of all the aspect of trading; variety of tradable asset, depositing and withdrawal methods customer support and more. Brokers are the companies which you as a trader trust with taking care of you money, they take care of your investment and they are the ones who will pay you your profits when your trade ends, they are also the ones who will guide you through your trading, providing online assistance, courses, learning materials and financial news. Some broker will even allow you to test their software on a demo account mode.  So how do you choose a broker?

Choosing a binary options broker

The binary industry is now blooming with hundreds of brokerage companies offering binary options trading on their web based platforms. This is a direct result of gaining popularity and recent approval by various world-wide regulator which allow traders a safer trading experience.

When coming to choose a broker it is most important to do some research prior to depositing funds. Opening an account is usually free of charge and therefore has no risk attached. Research should be based on a well-known website which offers a variety of different binary options brokers reviews, once you have read some of these reviews you will be able to compare the different brokers. You should mainly pay attention to whether the broker is regulated or not – this means that the broker is obliged to financial laws in his region and is registered as a financial investment company, however there are some companies which are not regulated on purpose, this could be a result of them approaching Americans or Gamers. You should also pay attention to several other factors such as; reliable online support, variety of payment methods, the amount of bonus offered and the way you withdraw your funds. You should also look for learning materials such as online tutorials, e-books, VOD lessons and more.

Put all these together and you will find a reliable broker which will help you get in the game.

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