Hilary Hires The Best For Her Fund Raising Campaign

According to the latest sources, a very successful campaign manager who has also served as the Chief of Campaign for President Barrack Obama has started to gather financial support for Mrs. Hilary Clinton. Reports came in last week that suggested that the former Campaign Chief for President Obama is lobbying the biggest liberal fundraising group so that Mrs. Clinton can have adequate funds for her bid for the 2016 elections.

Mrs. Clinton, who has been in the white house for 10 years during her husband’s two successive runs as the President of the United States of America has reportedly hired the services of the fund raising agency Priorities USA Action and the agency has already started work to make her prospective presidential run a success.

  • Numbers are in Her Favor:

Many experts have repeatedly expressed their belief that Mrs. Clinton is the front runner for the 2016 presidential elections and with the presence of Priorities USA Action in her corner, her chances of successfully competing in the elections have increased dramatically.

Various opinion polls have also shown that she has at least 73 percent support from the democrats and she is expected to maintain her 61 points lead on her arch rival, Joe Biden. Even though Mr. Biden who also happens to be the Vice President of the United States of America is also a front runner but if we take a look at the opinion polls and surveys then it becomes clear that the American public is in favor of a woman president this time.

  • Announcement from Priorities:

Priorities USA action, also known as super PAC (super political action committee) has made a public announcement that they are working on a pro-Clinton campaign that presents Mrs. Clinton as the most viable option for the top post in the Whitehouse.

Priorities USA Action is very well known for its expertise in “big data”. This “big data” approach combined with the micro-targeting techniques are considered by many as the most practical and productive ways of pinpointing the voters. Mr. Obama has also confirmed that these strategies were largely responsible for his reelection to Whitehouse in 2012.

  • Mrs. Clinton’s Stand:

For the moment Mrs. Clinton has not spoken openly about her intentions regarding the 2016 presidential elections. She has reputedly said that for the time being she wants to focus on the work that needs to be done. As the Secretary of State she sounds politically correct but if we were to believe the excerpts from her book then it becomes quite clear that she is keeping her plans under the rug.

There are also reports that the President Obama is also privately supporting Mrs. Clinton. There were some rumors that he may favor Joe Biden instead but considering the strong bond of friend ship between the president and the Secretary of the State, it seems more likely that Mr. Obama will throw his weight in support of Mrs. Clinton. The same was also confirmed by the Priorities USA Action during a press conference.

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