Wearable Tech Products For Seniors

Growing old isn’t how it used to be thanks to science and technology. Both have come up with a lot of innovations to make senior living more comfortable. These days, there are wearable tech products for seniors which make life easier for the wearers and their caregivers.

Below, we’ve listed the three most popular wearable tech products in the market today. These products make living alone more comfortable, and they put your family’s mind at ease when they’re not with you.

Top 3 Wearable Tech Products for Seniors

  1. Medical Alert Systems

We’ve heard too many seniors pass out or fall while alone at home or on the street. These medical alert systems are worn by seniors to prevent falling or passing out without calling for help. These systems are equipped with technology that call for help in case the wearer needs assistance but couldn’t press the call button.

There are medical alert systems in the market that can detect sudden movements or falls and will call the company’s emergency dispatcher automatically to check. These wearable tech products can be in the form of bracelets or pendants, or can be attached to a belt.

  1. GPS watches

Seniors who are suffering from dementia can be safer with GPS watches. Most people with dementia will most likely wander, and this wearable tech can provide the family and caregivers a bit of peace of mind.

When your loved one wanders without company to a location outside of a pre-set area, the GPS watch can send a message to the family or caregiver. Gone are the days of searching for your loved one in a public place for hours just because someone has left the door open. This is an amazing wearable tech product, especially for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

  1. Behavior Sensors

Changes in a person’s behavior or routine can be detected by these behavior sensors. This wearable tech product for seniors use high-end sensors to learn a person’s patterns of daily behavior. If it detects that a change occurs to the routine and behavior of the wearer, it will be logged into the system.

The data gathered by this product can help warn the family and caregivers about a senior’s impending risks. The interesting part is that it can use the collected data for predictive analytics, eventually leading to providing more effective care.

Living with a senior or caring for a senior isn’t as challenging as before. Even if your senior is suffering from Alzheimer’s, there are wearable tech products that can help caring for them easier. Thanks to these wearable tech products, our seniors can now live with more independence.

Written by The Village Of Bedford Walk, a senior living community in Columbia, MO.

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