User Friendly Renovation Tips For Home Office

Want to make your home office user friendly? Then you should read this home office renovation article:

Home office is the place for reading and study. Therefore it has high requirement on lighting and ventilation. The light source is divided into natural light and artificial light.

1. Improve the Natural Light of Home Office

In order to make full use of natural light, home office should be located in a room with good orientation. If it is possible, change the orientation of window to place with best lighting. Placing desk near the window is another way to directly use natural light.

2. Improve the Artificial Light of Home Office

As the function of modern home office is more diversified, modern electrics like computer become members of home office, so the wiring of home office should also correspondingly increase. Power line, computer cable, telephone wire, TV line terminal interface must be installed above the writing desk and computer desk. For security consideration, one or two power supply sockets should be installed under the writing desk and computer desk for the corollary equipment.

3. Selection Tips for Home Office Lighting Fixture

The light generated by different lighting fixture is varied. The light of home office should be bright, well-distributed, natural and soft. Under the precondition of enough lighting, home owners can use milky white or faint yellow wall lamp to combine with ceiling lamp. For bookcase with door, home owner can install light on the shelves to provide necessary lighting for finding book. Spot light can be installed on the ceiling above bookcase without door to provide extra light for book searching.

a. incandescent light bulb is the best choice for table lamp in home office. The light intensity should be around 60W. Light intensity higher or lower than that will do harm to eyesight.

b. the service life of energy-saving bulb is longer than halogen bulb and incandescent bulb, but it only consume fraction electric quantity of them.

c. dull polish bulb more suit to home office than transparent bulb. The soft light generated by dull polish bulb can protect human’s eyesight.

Ventilation is a must consideration factor for home office decoration. On the one hand, it is good to human’s health, on the other hand, it can provide the necessary condition for the radiating of computer. Besides, good ventilation can adjust the moisture in home office. Moisture is one of the most important factors in protecting book. Home owner should avoid choosing room with poor ventilation condition as home office.

Selection of Home Office Furniture

Furniture is a crucial part for home office. What should home owners pay attention to when selecting home office furniture? I think the basic requirement is satisfy the activity routine, the size of human body and the posture when using furniture.

The height of desk: the height of desk should be 750-800mm. Considering the activity area under desk, the clear height under the desk should be more than 600mm.

The height of chair: the height of chair should match with desk. Comfortable, moderate height and people can move freely is the standard for chair. Usually, the height of chair is 380mm to 450mm.

The size of bookcase: the function of bookcase is for storing book, so the storage space of bookcase should be guaranteed. 30cm is the ideal depth of bookcase. Larger than that not only cause waste on material and space, but also bring inconveniency in taking book for home owner. Adjustable shelves and partitions make full use of space in bookcase. Home owner can adjust the shelves according to the book size and personal preference.