Naming The 4 Different Accessories Of e–cigarettes

There are various kinds of tools available today to help people quit smoking. E cigarettes are one of them. But since people carry around an e cigarette it has become more of an ornament and people look to customize its looks and style to suit their personal style. This is why there are a lot of personalised accessories in the market for electronic cigarettes and more and more people are opting for them. Here we take a look at the e cigarettes and some of the best known accessories available for them in the market today.

1. Carrying Cases for e-cigarettes in your Pocket

People these days carry multiple e cigarettes. These cigarettes last for a long time and people carry them around in customised cases that look fancy and stylish. These cases can be customised by engraving one’s name on it or also by putting a tattoo or a design that one likes. This gives the e cigarettes a much more personal feel. One can also have e cigarette cases that are made out of metal or wood.

2. Chargers and Batteries for when the Cigarette is Out of Charge

E cigarettes work by vaporizing a liquid that is filled in them. This can work only as long as the e cigarette has a battery or is connected to a wall charger to make a vaporizer work. These days’ manufacturers are coming up with various kinds of chargers that can charge the battery of the e cigarette to make it reusable. One of the chargers available in the market can be used in a car using the car’s battery. There are other mobile chargers that can charge the e cigarette on the go through an external battery pack. This pack can be used even outside one’s home and in the case of emergency when one wants to smoke and there are no charging points available around (in case one is outdoors).

There are also batteries that are available. These batteries can be linked to the e cigarette when it is out of charge and then one can start using the stick once again. One can also carry around spare batteries to put into the e cigarette when it is out of charge.

3. Dips and Flavours

Dips are cases in which one can attach a cigarette for extra vapour and extra strong flavour. These work like traditional smoking devices. There are also customised vapour flavours that one can use in the vaporizer of the e cigarette and therefore customise the smell and odour that comes out of it. There are various flavours like peppermint and even tobacco. And the best part is there is no smoke and tar and only pleasant smells coming out of the cigarette sticks.

4. Key Rings

The e cigarettes can be used to string around a key ring. A key ring of various kinds can be used to customize the e cigarettes and give it a more personalised style and feel. There are various kinds of key rings that are available in the market.