How To Choose Curtains For Your Room

You want to change the look of some room, and you don’t have enough money, time or ideas on how to do it? One of the simplest way is to change the curtains on the windows…

A new detail will freshen up the room immediately and accent your personality. The first thing you have to do is to determine what is it that you want to accent in your room and choose the right color. The color of the curtains is very important and it has to be matched with the color of the furniture in the room, whether it is the bedroom, living room, children’s or work room.

Choosing the Right Colour

Today it is common that natural colors are mixed with details like stripes and various floral and animal motives. If you want to accent the windows choose curtains with bright colors or curtains with an accented pattern. For an even stronger impression you can put a top stripe on the curtain.

If you want to focus attention on a piece of furniture, carpet or painting, the curtains have to be neutral, natural colors and have a simple style. Grey, white or blue, although cold, act soothing to the eye, as well as the warm variants – green and brown. Before you decide for a color check how it would look like in the daylight, and how under lamplight. In that way you will prevent yourself from making a mistake, because if you choose curtains that look good in the sunlight but bad under lamplight, you might not like them and waste your money.

Length of the Curtains

The length of the curtains is as important as the color. A bit longer curtains will visually make the space longer and accent the height of the room, and curtains to the floor make the room more elegant and classic. Curtains that reach the window board or a bit under it, make the room more modern and non formal.

If you tie the curtains together with a band or belt, the window will seem widened. If you want to use curtains to reduce sunlight choose transparent curtains with stripes, but if you want to completely darken the room place fabrics made from opaque canvas.

Next to the classic curtains, that will never go out of fashion, more and more you can find panels and packet curtains meant for modernly designed apartments with pure lines of furniture and interior. More and more people choose them because they can be made from almost any material and in all combinations, and they are practical and easy to maintain.

Different kinds of rolo blinds and curtains are also popular, as they are resistant to sunlight and are also easy to maintain.

Many find the decoration of windows as the finishing detail in decorating a room and don’t think it is that important. And exactly that detail shouldn’t be neglected because with the look of our windows we accent our individuality and lifestyle.

Don’t allow various trends in decoration to affect you, let your imagination play and take care of your own style in which you will feel most comfortable.

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By Milan Budimkic

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