Unique License Plate Q&A – The Basics Covered

Some questions are asked about personalised number plates more than others, therefore the following has been put together to address some of the most common and important queries of all:

1 – What’s the Appeal of a Private Plate?

In terms of the actual reasons why any given person chooses to pick up a private plate, this all depends on who it is and what they are buying it for. In some instances there will be collectors who pick up plates with the sole intention of selling them further down the line for a vastly elevated price – and make a killing in the process. Right at the other end of the scale, there are those that buy their plates simply as a means by which to stand out from the crowd with something they can say is 100% their own work and 100% unique to them. You might want to add prestige to your car or maybe just hide its true age from those seeing it day in and day out, but in any and all cases there are so many benefits to be had from investing in a private plate.

2 – Are These Plates All Legal?

There’s a pretty hefty wad of red tape that comes with the subject of private plates, though the good news is there’s really nothing that the actual buyer needs to worry about. The reason being that when you buy a private plate from a reputable and authorised website, all the administrative bits and pieces are taken care of on your behalf. It literally is as easy as entering the details of the plate you’re looking for, making the payment and waiting for everything to be finalised behind the scenes. As such, the most important thing of all is to make sure you choose the right seller in the first place with a little careful vetting.

3 – Is It the DVLA That’s Selling the Plates?

It’s common to assume that all legal private plates are sold by the DVLA, when this is in fact not the case at all. Instead, private companies list and sell the plates which are then registered with the DVLA in order to make them legal. Exactly how fast, easy and affordable the process will be depends on the seller you choose, which is why it pays to take your time and choose wisely.

4 – How Can Multiple Sites List the Same Plates?

While this can make things look a little like some sort of scam on the surface, it’s actually perfectly normal. The reason being that it’s generally the case that the sites themselves don’t actually own every one of the plates they offer access to, but rather serve as brokers for those that do own the rights to the plates. This is why you can technically buy the same plate from any number of sites, though may find during the selection process that some charge wholly different prices than others.

5 – Are Private Plates Expensive?

These days, not in the slightest. The simple truth of the matter as far as price goes is that if you wanted to, you could sell your home and very easily spend every last penny on nothing more than a private number plate. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go OTT when it comes to the price you pay as even if you only have a hundred quid or so to spare, chances are you’ll be able to find yourself a wholly unique number plate you’ll be proud to call your own. In essence. therefore you can spend as much or as little as you like, so the subject of expensiveness or otherwise is technically all relative.

6 – Are Private Plates Difficult to Buy

Once perhaps, but not anymore. As touched upon above, the real beauty of the modern approach to buying and selling plates is one that sees all of the administrative stuff taken care of by the selling service on behalf of the buyer. As such, there’s really nothing to do other than to choose the plate, make the payment and wait for it all to be processed. Assuming you choose a reputable service it’s every bit as easy as buying anything else online and yet can be infinitely more rewarding to say the least.

The key to success lies in making the right choice when it comes to your chosen selling service, so be sure to take as much time as necessary in selecting an appropriate source.

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