How to create a website?

Moving your business or the social cause to a level where you can reach a large number of audience is now possible with the help of websites. There are end numbers of people who are taking their business online with the help of websites on daily basis. Below here are some points which might help you to create a website

Contacting a known company in the brand for the development of websites-

You see, there are many people who fall into the traps of individuals who design websites but, the correct method for your desired website should be contacting a company which has reputation in the market for the designs and development of the website.


Deciding between the two is not a complex task. Deciding PHP based development is always better and much secure as compared to DOT NET. The framework is strong and is not meant to be cracked as easily as DOTNET. Many people across the globe are prone to hacker’s threat because of the weak framework.

Website building in a layman’s language has some very easy steps that need to be followed. Below here they are mentioned so that everyone has a bit of knowledge to know and speak on them-

  1. Registering a domain. (Say
  2. Graphics designing. (Designer wing of the company designs what you need)
  3. Development. (Coding of the website)
  4. Content uploading.
  5. Editing.
  6. Hosting.
  7. Uploading online. – Last step which is followed and you are done with your new website.