Cars: The Parts and Ways To Go Green

People go crazy when they start driving. But, driving in a great speed causes dangerous accidents. Too many automobiles in the road are also responsible for pollution and traffic. You should drive the car, but it should be in a particular limit to avoid sudden problems like faults of the machine, disturbance in the working of the car parts, bad functioning of the engines and other problems.

Some Famous Green Driving Tips

Harsh driving can be dangerous for the environment as well as for the occupants and the drivers. Too much smoke in the air causes global warming and increases the chances of heart diseases. There are some tips for driving that can be surely fruitful.


The efficiency of the car depends upon the working of the engine. The car burns its fuel to work. It is the reason the SUVs has worse gas mileage than the small cars. Most of the car manufacturers suggest not to carry too much weight in the cars. You should eliminate excess weight from the vehicles to make it go a long way.


Bio fuel is becoming very famous. This fuel does not cause any pollution in the environment and the cars that are using bio gas or fuel, ensures better mileage. Many car manufacturing companies are making luxurious cars that are fuel efficient too. They run on gasoline or bio fuel.

Parts of Your Car

A car is a complex machine that has several parts within it to make the machine work well. Most of the modern cars have computerized systems installed within them to control the parts automatically. Let us  discuss the car parts briefly

  • Engine – It is the most important part of the car. Most of the vehicles have internal combustion engine system that usually runs on gasoline. The heat energy is converted into mechanical energy inside the engine. The resultant mechanical energy provides power to the engine parts and this is responsible for the working of the vehicle. The engine contains cylinders that constantly pumps the fuel and makes the energy.
  • The drive line – It is a series of components through which the power is transferred to the tires. The engine is connected to the drive shaft. Then the energy flows to the wheels.
  • Electrical System – It is powered by a rechargeable battery that takes the power from the engine and acts as a power generator.
  • Wheels And Brake System – Specific car needs special arrangement of wheels and brakes. All season tires are best as they can be used throughout the year. The brake system is one of the important parts of the car. Two types of car brakes are there, one is disc type, and the other is the drum type.
  • Dashboard Instruments – They are the visible parts of the vehicle. The speedometer, fuel gauge and the internet display are some of the components of the dashboard.
  • Exterior Features – Now, most of the cars have large spaces. The seats have air bags under them to make the driver and the occupants more comfortable while travelling longer distance.
  • Lights – Headlights and the corner lights are very important; they ensure proper safety of the car. They also increase the driving performance. Most of the lights are made up of LED that provides wider light spectrum. The GMC Yukon Aftermarket Headlights are now available in most markets.

Thus, car is considered as a sophisticated investment for the people. It should be maintained for proper functioning of the engine.