Types Of Mobile Phone Chargers Available

With the growing demand of smartphones in this century , the developers also came up with a wide range of chargers. Charging is not only required for mobile phones, but also laptops, palmtops and various other electronic devices, so why the chargers be less efficient than these devices. The charger and dock type is essential for carrying out all those useful functions without troubling the device. Coming to the types of chargers manufactured by the developers:

1. Wall Charger:

One end of the cable is connected to the charging slot of the device and the other end is plugged into the outlet that harvests domestic AC current. With the help of the convertor and modifier, the AC current from the source is converted into the DC current of the required voltage of the device. The wall charger plugs differs from country to country depending on the voltage provided by the source in the switches of the country, like the Electricians in Liverpool sets the home voltage to the range of 220-240 volts.

2. Car Charger:

Car chargers use either a dedicated outlet or the cigarette lighter outlet ,which is called an auxiliary or a supplementary plug of the car. These chargers allow the mobile phone users to charge their phones while travelling. The electricity supply is directly taken from the battery of the car. Though there are four main types of car charger, many customers find it complicated to pick the right one.

Universal charger : The charger that is compatible for all the batteries of phones and with any vehicle , then such chargers are called Universal charger. But the compatibility of these charger is poor with few phones. It is preferable to use the charger which comes with the mobile phone for its better efficiency.

Rapid and Fast Chargers: Though the fast charger and the rapid charger appears as two distinct models, but there is a little difference between them. These chargers makes the charging speed while using their phones. But the major disadvantage is the fast charger if left in after the battery is fulled charged than the phone will be overheated and may also damage. 

Trickle Charger: The trickle charger shares the speed and fast charging from the fast charger. The trickle charger has a special sensor inside it which automatically shuts the DC cord when the battery has completely charged eliminating the risk of overheating of the battery.

3. Emergency Chargers:

These chargers are useful for the people who goes to the wild places for trekking or to very rural places, as they do not require any outlet for charging. Emergency chargers are powered by two AAA batteries for a short period of time. Phones charged with this charger cannot fill the battery and can run for only one hour maximum, since the DC current required for these is higher than that provided by the batteries.

4. Green Chargers:

These types of chargers are made in the concern of rising global warming. They use crank chargers in which any continuous physical activity produces energy, that is taken from such things to charge a phone.

These green chargers can be set up with the help of an electrician available nearby.