Samsung Galaxy Tab 5: Possibilities and Expectations

Samsung to set the new range of the Android tablets with the arrival of Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 that would include various sizes of tablet starting from 7 inches, 8 inches and 10 inches format.

The last launched Galaxy Tab S was having a Super AMOLED screen of 10.5″ with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, resulting in a density of 288 ppi. However, on the other tablet range Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, Samsung has not reached the resolution more than HD but this time Samsung could surprise as with the 7 inches Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 7 inches full HD tablet. But few rumors also suggests that this time also Samsung Galaxy Tab series would remain at just HD resolution to be more efficient and to produce more battery life and this could also be clear after its launch.

On other hand, with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S in the resolution of tablet exceeds even the iPad Retina, with 2,048 x 1,536 pixels, but while the iPad uses an IPS LCD screen with RGB matrix, and Samsung remains on PenTile matrix. An RGB matrix has the same number of sub-pixels red, green and blue while the PenTile arrangement is commonly used in AMOLED and is characterized in that it has an arrangement with a different number of sub-pixels of each color. In which, each pixel consists of red, green and blue sub-pixels, but the latter is a fine line compared with red and green subpixels with traditional rectangular shapes. Choosing a different sub-pixel size for the color blue makes sense since this color has less luminous efficiency than red and green sub-pixels. By playing with the pixel size can be achieved for a similar three-color luminance. And same thing would be implemented with the Galaxy Tab 5 but in a smaller screen, so you can expect the same color range and rendering.

As stated above, Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 would feature the full HD resolution and Samsung’s one premium tablet the Samsung Galaxy Tab S has the quad HD display but actually it impossible to notice the characteristic pattern of the screen at a distance of normal use. And this is why there is a controversy for the quad HD display and full HD display. But Samsung wants to move forward in the technology that’s why they over the controversy and launched such display panels in the display.

Also, worth mentioning that this time we would the AMOLED display screen in the Galaxy Tab 5. One advantage of AMOLED screens is that blacks are really dark colors because each pixel is lit individually. It is therefore possible to keep off the pixels black. This does not happen with LCD screens, illuminating all pixels even those of black color. Just for the information, we want to tell you in the previous Galaxy Tab 4 there were LCD panels, so you can expect the straight improvements in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5.