Solve Your Myths Regarding Cloud Hosting Technologies

Right since the time the cloud technology has been introduced, it has always been under huge controversies. Some are highly impressed with it, while some do not even think twice before criticizing it. Almost a decade has passed and within such a long span of time, cloud technology has always remained active in improving its services and adding some or the other new feature to its existing ones. But the series of criticism is still lingering around the buzzword “cloud technology”.

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”, this would be the perfect phrase to describe the one of the major reason, why cloud technology confronts such consistent criticism? In most of the cases it has been found that people having very few or even no knowledge of cloud technology and  its features, spread wrong information all around their personal or professional surroundings.

However, the great minds of Cloud technology has always managed to give hardcore answers to any query, and thus have cleared any minor or major misconception.

Here, some of the major myths about cloud technology have been discussed to help people site the difference between the myths and the true efficiency of cloud technology.

Implementing Cloud Can Be a Great Hassle

Small scale business organizations often believe that implementing cloud into their business can be a time consuming task. However, transferring the entire set up right from the data to infrastructure into the cloud can actually take some time, initially, but the task isn’t that treacherous if the support provided by the cloud service provider is up to the mark.

Here, one needs to make sure that the cloud hosting service provider is proficient enough to deliver the complete solutions right from planning, implementing, maintaining security, recovering to fixing the issues.

Cloud Is Incapable Of Hosting Critical Applications 

It is a quite a known fact that when it comes to cloud people expect a lot. At least, things like reducing the cost of infrastructure, experience swift and easy product delivery, coping up with the rapidly changing needs, etc. are very common. But, when we talk about heavy and critical applications such as SAP, Oracle, Data mining applications, etc. people may not be fully convinced with the idea of using cloud technology.

But, today one can fully trust on the cloud hosting services of these bulky applications as well. As, Cloud technology today has become highly improved and capable of managing as well as running such applications most efficiently.

Cloud Security Isn’t Trustworthy

One of the old school strategies that data stored on local devices provide better security has to be changed as soon as possible. Moreover, it is almost incomparable with the security offered by cloud storage that woks on the concept of proper data encryption. In addition to this, it also allows the flexibility to accomplish it locally (where the encryption keys are to be kept securely by the client).

Other than this, data is completely protected from issues of physical damage as it is securely backed up into the cloud and can be distributed over different servers.

Cloud Is an Expensive Option

Here, people must realize the suitable option for their businesses. For example, if you are a first time cloud user and planning to take a short term trial of cloud hosting service then the options of pay-as-you-go is good for you. But, as soon as your business starts flourishing this particular option may seem to be an expensive one. At such situation one must switch to private cloud that might prove to be a much more economical option.

Virtualization-Cloud: Mirror Reflections of Each Other

There is a fine line of difference between the two popular concepts. Cloud has got much more to offer just than the tasks of cost reduction of hardware and optimization, as Virtualization does. Cloud is such a service that is mostly a platform rather than just an infrastructure.

Hence, we saw that like any other top technology Cloud technology also has widespread myths. However, it is very common for any good technology to receive huge criticism that somewhere spreads in the environment in the form of myths or misconceptions. At the end of the day, what matters is that “how efficiently the technology solves any myths or misconceptions directly or indirectly relating to it?”. Hope the above mentioned points prove helpful in abolishing your misconceptions regarding cloud hosting technologies. Do share your views.

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