Top Smartphone Apps To Make Your Life Easier

Smartphones are capable of a lot these days. With all of the built in functions on Androids and iPhones it is easy to forget about the many hundreds of apps that can be downloaded to your phone. There is an app for every interest and niche. From the standard social media apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to more unique and practical apps for your work life like Evernote, there are some apps that just need to be reiterated for the great tools that they are.

If you’re not already using these apps, you’re missing out on efficient ways to organize and plan your day to day experiences on your phone. If not for the convenience, versatility, capabilities, and simplicity of use, why else would you have a smartphone? Here are some top apps that you should consider for your smartphone.


If you ever wanted a faraway place that was accessible anywhere where you could store all of your important documents, photos, and other information, you need to get on dropbox. This cloud storage system is pretty much the standard and also so happens to be a popular smartphone app. Simply click, download, and start storing. Perhaps the best part about this tool is that you can share documents or entire folders with specific people, and unshare just as easily. This app is very user friendly and an efficient way to keep all of your documents in one convenient place up in the clouds.


If you’re still taking notes by pen and paper, you can stop now. First of all, it’s shocking that as an owner of a smartphone you would resort to that laborious activity of writing by hand when there is an app for that. Evernote is a smarter way to take notes from your phone. The app syncs all of your notes from the web to your computer, tablet, and phone so you can access them anywhere, anytime. This is more of a cloud note taking app where your data is stored on a cloud server and the app remembers the locations of your notes. If you’re at an important business meeting in Hong Kong and need to look back on your notes, the app remembers your location for easy reference. It’s almost scary how efficient this is, but once you try it you will appreciate how much easier taking notes is.

Google Maps

This is practically a default navigation tool. Chances are you’re used Google Maps on your home computer at least once. Maybe you use is regularly on your mobile device as well. Either way, if your don’t already have this essential app on your smartphone, consider getting it. From GPS pinpointing of your exact geographic location to mapping travel routes and finding local restaurants nearby you, Google Maps has become an invaluable tool for getting around day to day. You can always access this tool from Google’s homepage, but why waste the time. Download the app directly to your phone for quick, fingertip reference.

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