Rome Sightseeing – Top Rome Attractions

Rome is among the greatest cities in the world with respect to the immense historical heritage and cultural attractions held by the city. Visiting Rome is among the most rewarding things you could do as a tourist. The sheer number of Rome attractions are unmatched by almost every city in the world, and it is quite possible to stay in Rome for months on end, and not even get a complete idea of what Rome sightseeing is all about. An exciting option to explore the city by Rome Sightseeing by Bike tour. The Rome tourist attractions are so numerous and so varied, that it seems complex to decide which to visit first.

This article tries to point out the main Rome tourist attractions that are popular with travelers to the city, and once you are done with marveling at these, you can head on to the lesser known spots. Not that these attractions are unworthy of your interest just because they are visited by a whole number of tourists, very much the opposite. These are among the greatest historical structures and monuments that stand in testimony to the role Rome had played in shaping world’s history in ancient times. Rome’s glorious history is reflected in the Rome attractions as well. Rome sightseeing trips are provided by a good number of travel agencies, but you certainly can make the tour on your own.

The main Rome sightseeing attractions –

1 ) St Peter’s Basilica

St Peters basilica is among the major churches part of the Catholic Church, and is among the grandest in the world. The monumental basilica is majestic both in the exterior as well as the interior. The Piazza San Pietro is the stately entry point to the basilica. St Peters Basilica also houses the ‘Pieta’, some consider this Michelangelo’s greatest work. The view from the top of the dome is the most spectacular in all of Rome, and can be accessed by climbing 537 steps to the top. The Sistine Chapel here is also world renowned, and has the famous fresco of scenes from the Genesis at the ceilings by Michelangelo. The St Peters basilica is top most among Rome tourist attractions.

2 ) The Colosseum

The Colosseum or The Coliseum is yet another world famous attraction on offer by Rome. The Coliseum has never disappointed in the past, and the new addition to the attractions in the way of a range of displays in pictures and world related to the history of Rome has added to the popularity. Definitely among the top Rome attractions, the Colosseum is a must see.

3 ) The Pantheon

The Pantheon dates back to the first century A D, and is in such a state of preservation that is really astounding considering its age. Indeed the structure is the best preserved ancient building in Rome. The only light that enters the Pantheon is via an inlet that is known as the oculus, and is circular in shape.