Tips To Revamp Your Wardrobe In Budget For College Going Guys

College life can be hard, you have wake up early, work on your projects take care of your looks and ensure to look as fashionable as possible. As who knows, when you might meet your potential soul mate. However, maintaining a wardrobe can be an expensive job, where you are only allowed to wear branded clothes. Just like girls, guys also feels sometimes that they don’t have enough clothes, but usually in their case, they genuinely don’t have enough clothes and need to go shopping.

So keeping your budget in mind, we have listed a few techniques which can help you maintain a fashionable wardrobe without any extra cost. Make these adjustments in your wardrobe and you will automatically save more than you think. So we suggest you to think before you Buy Mens Clothes for yourself next time.

1. Take Stock

Rearrange you wardrobe and make a list of all the things that you already have and the things that you require. Now ensure that you don’t waste a single penny on good that you don’t need. And then buy clothes that you need based on your necessity. This will allow you to see how many jeans, jackets, shirts and joggers you have, based on which you can decide to do your shopping. Now you know what you want and what you don’t want. Just ensure to stick to this list and you will be able to save quite a lot of money with this technique.

2. Essential List

Ensure that you have all the essential items in your list, from your white shirt to black plants to a formal blazer to a leather jacket. Ensure that all these clothing items are ready and aligned in your wardrobe as these are some of the must have in any college kid’s wardrobe. These jackets will allow quickly mixing and matching and getting into a completely different avatar. In case you don’t have these essential then you can buy clothes online as well. Just stick to the list and you will be saving a significant amount without even noticing it.

3. Revisit Revise and Recycle

Look through your wardrobe simply get rid of anything that doesn’t make you feel good. Be it your colored tee, or your tight shorts. You can also donate the clothes which are still new and haven’t been worn by you in the past 1 year. Don’t get carried away with and just clear out all the clothes from your wardrobe, ensure to keep your favorite around just case you miss them in the near future. It is always a good thing to charity to suggest this idea to all your friends and you will be doing quite a lot of work then just cleaning your wardrobe.

4. Make A List Of Must Haves

Fashion is changing everyday and we understand your urge to stay relevant and stylish. So create a budget based on these trends to ensure that you don’t go to buy a shirt and come back with three 3 shoes instead. Always buy clothes based on the list you have created, if you want to save some extra bucks. I also suggest you to go all deals, online as well as offline, to get the most out of any deal. Avoid investing in things you already have as it will only increase your expenses and make you feel regret afterwards.

5. Use DIY Tricks To Transform Your Old Clothes In New One

You can use DIY techniques to obtain a perfect ripped jeans look, to a ripped jacket look by using a blade and slicing off a few cuts here and there on your old denims. You can also make you full sleeves shirts half by cutting off your sleeves and spending few bucks on its stitching. Only try these DIY on clothes which are still in good condition else you will just end up wasting your money and your time. Instead just Buy Mens Clothes if you feel like these DIY are too much work for you.

6. Shop from Inexpensive Markets

Make a smart move and start investing in clothes from a local store rather than a Zara or Nike store. You will be able to buy 5 times the same product with the same money if you choose to opt for a local store, instead of a brand. Avoid buying clothes from big brand names as they will take all your money with a single purchase. I suggest instead of spending all your money on a single thing, shop from markets that can offer more products at a cheaper price. You can also use Google to get the best deal, by shopping online, or seek details of any such market that can help you save on some extra bucks.


These are some of the few tips that will help you avoid wasting your money on anything unnecessary. With these simple adjustments you will be able to prioritize you expenses based on their necessities; this will also ensure that you have at least one outfit that goes with every trend. So next time when you buy clothes you wouldn’t have to break your bank as you will be able to make a smart choice rather than an impulsive one. This will also help you save your pocket money which you can invest in a pair or Jordon’s or anything else of your choice.