Using Illumination To Improve Your Signage

Signage is a type of advertising media that can be used to display certain information to the public. Nowadays, we can find such signs just about everywhere, on boulevard or on the outside of a building, whether it’s a business sign informing the location of a business, an advertisement, or other kinds of information.

There are various types of signs being used today, they are made with different styles and materials, also for different purposes. Some of them are quite simple and made with simple materials, while others are very intricate and also made with expensive materials. Regardless of the message, these signs are meant to attract people’s attention, so they are designed to do just that. People are willing to spend huge budget to create a captivating signage so they can deliver their messages to more viewers.

Lighting is often seen as a great addition in signage’s design, because it will make the sign more visible and attractive. These illuminated signs for business also come in various different models, from some simple ones with a few light bulbs to the most expensive ones using advanced technology.

Neon is is a type of illumination for most illuminated signs nowadays. Neon lights are turned and twisted in various shapes usually forming letters and logos. A neon illuminated signage is usually colorful and it looks quite stand out when being displayed. Today we can see this kind of illuminated signage being applied on many different business places from grocery stores to bars.

Even though they could look very appealing and stand out, neon signs require smart designs. They could easily send the wrong messages or don’t truly represent your business when you don’t design them correctly.

One thing people do with neon signs is to create a demonstration by connecting neon lights of different colors with a regulator, when it’s designed correctly this type of signage can really attract people’s attention.

Another application of neon lights for a signage is by putting the company name and logo on a semi-transparent panel. Then an array of tube lights are fixed on the backside, as they are lit, the signage will glow. This is of course a more simple type of neon signage, but with the right design, it could be an attractive signage with a classic look.

The downside of neon signs is that they use a lot of electricity and also contain harmful chemicals like mercury, so they are not environmentally friendly. LED signs on the other hand, are more environmentally friendly. LED lights consume less energy and they don’t contain harmful chemicals, so they are actually a greener option with low operational fee.

LED signage is really getting popular nowadays and people are using it for various purposes. But usually people don’t use it for the outside sign to display their business names and logos, most people still prefer neon signs for that purpose.

Another one that can also be considered as a type of illuminated signage is LCD display, but obviously this could be very expensive. LCD displays can be found mostly on boulevards displaying advertisements.

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