Tips To Get Hired For A Marketing Job

Marketing jobs have a lot of glitz and glamor associated with them; they are one of the ‘sexier’ jobs, and are in high demand. With this field in particular, having a degree is no guarantees you will get hired with a marketing company or within the marketing department of a particular business; besides experience, employers are looking for a whole lot more, from creativity to knowledge of industry trends. Here are just a few helpful hints to give you an edge over other applicants.

Put Together an Outstanding Cover Letter

Cover letters can make or break your chances for an interview in the field of marketing, particularly if you are just graduating and you don’t have much of a resume of which to speak. You need to convey a genuine interest in the company. It is was in the news recently, make mention. Discuss any trends impacting the industry. Was there a recent campaign with which they had success? Did the company release a new product or service recently? Considering many applicants will send out the bland cover letter to dozens of companies without changing a word, this personal touch will greatly increase your chances of getting noticed.

Convey Knowledge of the Field

When going in for your interview, make sure you are armed with some solid knowledge of the field. You need to be able to talk marketing, not just  worry about answering the standard interview questions. Successfully marketing products and services is crucial for success, no matter the business. Whether you are interviewing for a marketing firm, or a position with the marketing department of a company, they want people who can help them succeed with this crucial mission.

One of the best ways to prepare is familiarize yourself with thought leaders in the field, such as Seth Godin or Malcolm Gladwell. Read the top marketing blogs to get some insights on current issues, or interesting subjects to discuss during the interview. Have something valuable to say.

Make sure you are familiar with basic terms of the field; if you are interviewing for an online marketing company for example, it is good to know the meanings of the basics, such a search engine optimization (SEO), online reputation management (ORM), pay-per-click (PPC), social media marketing (SMM), conversion rate optimization (CRO) and email marketing.

Put Together a Good Writing Sample

Marketing jobs involve lots of writing, which is why English majors are always attractive candidates. A great writing sample will set you apart from the pack. But, choose your topics wisely. Steer clear from samples that read like a term paper, or are filled with industry jargon. Keep it user-friendly. Consider putting together some sort white papers or blog posts about marketing topics that are relevant, and most importantly, about which you personally care. Good examples include common mistakes with social media marketing or how to market effectively with Facebook pages. You may think you don’t have enough expertise to comment, but as a consumer and recipient of these various marketing messages, you can actually make quite the valuable contribution to the discussion.

Always be diligent with searching for opportunities; zero in on the type of marketing that most interests you to determine what type of companies would be best suited for you; if you are interested in primarily offline methods, such as direct mail and mailing lists, you might want to look into opportunities such as US Data Corporation jobs.

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