4 Steps For Opening A Frozen Yogurt Store

Opening a frozen yogurt store takes intelligent, deliberate planning. Patiently build a business plan to organize your thoughts. Find the right spot for your store and stock your shop for opening day.

Put in serious work in the due diligence department. By doing thorough legwork preparing for your business you can avoid many problems face by less than prepared shop owners. Save yourself time and reduce future problems by doing research before you open up shop.

Build an Intelligent Business Plan

Think through your business plan to smooth out your path. Do you want to run the business year-round or on a seasonal basis? Decide if you want to offer multiple toppings, if you want to buy finished products or make frozen yogurt onsite and develop a marketing plan too. List out your monthly overhead costs and start-up fees. Include the amount of profit to discern a price per unit and figure out the wholesale price of the ingredients you’ll be using.

Do Location Research

Determine if you’re facing stiff competition by doing thorough due diligence. Would your store generate a slow, steady profit when faced with competition from similar shops? Opening your frozen yogurt shop in a neighborhood with established competition could be a mistake. Don’t try to go up against big name frozen dessert or ice cream shops when you can find a location with much less competition.

Sell interesting flavors and eye-catching packaging to differentiate yourself from your rivals. Think about how you can better make an impact on your ideal consumer. For example, if your competition offers only traditional vanilla, chocolate or strawberry flavors you may consider selling mango, kiwi or other fruity flavors for a cool, refreshing, unique treat during warmer months.

Also consider setting up an online store to process sales. Make your shop a convenient alternative. Some people have no desire to wait in a long line for their ice cream but if you have a quick-service counter for online orders you may start a hot trend in your niche.

Settle on a Location

Finding the right spot for your shop can grow sales quickly. Scout around through downtown areas, outdoor marketplaces, and shopping malls for spots which receive steady foot traffic. Movie theaters, grocery stores and restaurants all provide you with potentially lucrative neighbors if you pick a neighborhood with such shops.

Think about the times when you feel a craving for an icy confectionary delight. After a night out at the movies or a local restaurant many people enjoy a nice, light, healthy treat. Find the optimal location by locating a neighborhood with a maximum amount of interested customers.

Ready for the Start Up Day

Carefully and thoughtfully cover all bases before the opening day. Buy credit card terminals and cash registers to take care of payments. Purchase cleaning materials, cups and cones, display containers and frozen yogurt machines to stock your shop. Place your tables and chairs strategically throughout your store. Consider looking into a frozen yogurt machine rental if you want to save money on production.

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